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Kitties and critters!

Neville sleeping on our dog's bed....Heidi is curled up in the corner, big great dane moved by the cat. hehe

We got that cat tree when my Spencer and Zoe were kittens, they've ignored it. We thought we'd have this giant cat tree go to waste, thankfully Neville likes it!

Neville's belly is so soft

Hehe :)

King of the windowsill!

Refusing to share! Neville's going to be one really soon! Spencer and Zoe just had birthdays themselves :D

How rude :P

My beautiful Zoe

Also...this was last week I think, I never got around to posting!

I look out my window to this!

Eating the cat food I leave out for the stray kitty on the block.

Hehe, not afraid of me :P

Tags: nature, neville, photos, zoe
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