Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Woah, what!?

Lol, don't mind the subject, I'm just going slowly mad.

Finals are next week and I'm stressing out big time. My first final is math, which is the cause for 90% of my stress. Stupid pre-algebra, yes I suck so much at math that I'm stressing over pre-algebra. I just fail at math, but it's okay! I'm great in Earth and life sciences and pretty good at history so who cares if I suck at icky math? I'm so mature :)
I get a tutor twice a week for my math class, 40 minutes twice a week. This week though, it'll be a hour and a half every day for this final coming up. My English, geo, anthropology, and humanities finals aren't causing me that much stress, I'm pretty comfortable with those classes.

Eric is being a jackass, thank goodness I won't see him again after this semester (he's transferring to USC).

A bunch of my anthropology classmates are going to see Indiana Jones at midnight. We were spazzing when we found out it was a Wed\Thurs showing and that we have finals the next day, but it's anthropology and we're all comfortable with that. So yeah, we'll go to the movies together at the Bridge. It'll be fun! We bought our tickets, woo!

Rabbi Rose is doing better, he's at the hospital still but he was talking to mom on the phone and whining, he wants to go home. So, that's a relief.

I didn't mention this! Yesterday I went to feed the fish and...there were no fish! My mom called our pond cleaning people and said "did you take our fish?", maybe to house them while cleaning the pond or something...though they don't do that. We found out from our next door neighbor, who has a goldfish pond, that there was a heron in her backyard and she lost three fish. So..that explains it. Some random bird has been stealing our fish! There's only one catfish left, that bird ate over $1,000 of fish! We have to start over, so this Friday we're going to pick up some more koi and also something to scare Mr. Heron away. Roar!

Work was interesting. Some old lady came in and started yelling at me when I told her we didn't have the book she was looking for. She was probably senile or maybe she had dementia. I felt bad for her but I was getting kinda steamed. Meh, she left.

Also, when driving home from therapy, some guy was walking barefoot in the middle of the road. I was basically stalled behind him because he wouldn't really move, I honked at him and he spazzed out, yelling at me and flipping me off with both hands. Oy vey, I finally went around him, the oncoming traffic let me through (was a residential thank goodness).

What a day :P
Tags: eric, family friends, pond, random, school, stress
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