Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Voice Post:

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“So I'm in my car right now, it's a red light and really bad traffic so I won't be going anywhere any time soon. So I'm in my car and I'm driving home from school again, I had to go back to to school to pick something up. And I'm in front of Sony Studios, Sony Studios is not far from my school and I'm always passing Sony. I see people quite a bit when I'm stuck in traffic in the Sony area. I've seen Ashton Kutcher...who gives a damn. I've seen Dennis Quaid which I love, I've loved him a long time. Right now the guy next to me kinda looks like Richard Gere. It might not be him but it kinda looks like him and that's a beautiful thing, because Richard Gere is fine. So that's really nice....I've also seen Jay Leno a few times, not for Sony but near Fox which is weird considering he's with NBC but whatever. Yea, I think this might be Richard Gere, who knows. Oh he made eye contact with me, he smiled at me. Oh boy!
Ok traffic's starting to pick up, see you guys later!”

Transcribed by: witherwings7
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