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Home early before running to work P:

I got out of school early, we had a finals preparation test so I left right after. Have to head to work soon.

There was no word on any raining for this week. I washed my car yesterday so guess what? It's drizzling. Not raining, but drizzling, so my car is getting water spots. Darn you fickle weather! It's nice today though, low 70s, overcast, and nice and wet. The rest of the week is suppose to get in the mid to high 90s, waaaah!!!! :(

I was sick of my Potter mood theme so I changed it to Garfield. I'm working on making my own mood theme but it'll take awhile. At least I have Garfield in the meantime! We share birthdays!
Tags: garfield, los angeles, mood themes, rain, school, weather
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