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It's thursday already? - Robot Skeleton Army Minion #1983
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Thu, May. 8th, 2008 10:37 pm
It's thursday already?

Today was alright, fun and annoying at the same time. I had a job interview before school, for a position later in the summer. It was with an office firm.
I headed to school after that (stopping to get a coffee, interview was early).

Humanities class was really draining. We finished watching Schindler's List, it was my third time seeing it. That movie, no matter how many times you watch it...it gets to you. An old family friend is in that movie, just thought I'd throw that random trivia out there.

Anthropology was alright. The class itself was fun and educational but Eric was being a douche bag. He kept asking me out and pushing it. I said to him "Eric, I just can't be in a relationship that's as open as you'd like. I need to know that I'm the only girl in the relationship, that it's monogamous."
He just doesn't get it, he kept pestering me. I can say now that I can't hang out with him as a friend if he's going to act like this. No...
There's a girl in my anthro class that's just like Cartman (from South Park). She's this Nazi wannabe racist girl. Absolutely ugly personality, simply terrible. She's said some really messed up things over the semester...always when the professor isn't around. Since she isn't physically harming anybody, we ignore her (or put the verbal bitch slap on her ass). Here's something that happened the other day:
Mike (a Jewish boy in the class): I have a date tonight! The girl is really beautiful, this will be so awesome!
Lady Cartman: You're already going to hell for being a Jew, don't lie.
Mike and myself :O :O :O :O
The class: :O :O :O :O

That girl made no friends this semester. Sad thing is, she's majoring in anthro so I might have her as a classmate again. Sad.

After classes were over a bunch of us Anthro students went to see Iron Man. It was pretty good! A bunch of us are going to see Indiana Jones together, we just have to pick a theater and get our midnight seats. It'll be great!

I then headed to my therapy session, it went alright. On the way home I got stuck in traffic, it was a hour after traffic usually lets up so it was really weird.

Played a little bit of Dark Cloud 2, worked on my fanfic\English assignment, and here I am.


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Officer Kelli
Fri, May. 9th, 2008 12:49 pm (UTC)

Wow that chick sounds like a winner...:P
It sucks when lame people make a good class suck...
Eric sounds like an ass, which doesn't surprise me. I have yet to meet a decent Eric...hahaha! That is my ex's name, the guy who I first lived with, smoked pot and he was like 6 years older than me and harassed me to be "more mature" and I was 18...I'm like, "I'm a teenager, I'm not supposed to be super mature" ASS But really just ignore him I guess...
That's cool you saw Iron Man, we got it yesterday (a good version too!) so we shall see it tonight. As for Indy, I wanted to go to the midnight showing but seeing as it's a Thursday and I work at 7am EVERY WEEKDAY it doesn't seem feasible. We are going on Saturday. I don't mind, I'm getting older and midnight showings aren't for me anymore. My job is more important, hahahahaha...wow I do sound old. :P
If only it was a Friday...oh well I'm going to a partay on Thursday at my friend's house so it will be fun, woo! :)

Agent 27
Fri, May. 9th, 2008 09:54 pm (UTC)

She doesn't really make the class suck since she keeps her racist comments to herself when the teacher is there. It's just when the teacher isn't around...she really is something isn't she?

I have school the next morning, but I can survive on only a few hours. Just a side effect of having a screwed up sleeping pattern my whole life :P

Yeah, when you're in a relationship with an older person it kinda sucks that you end up being the more mature one. Heck, I wouldn't mind being in a relationship with somebody slightly older then myself because I am not really that mature emotionally. I'm closer to my cousin's age in emotional and mental maturity. Oh well, my icon says it all ;D

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Officer Kelli
Mon, May. 12th, 2008 07:45 am (UTC)

Oh well at least she isn't spewing ALL THE TIME...
I can survive too, but I have Dan waking up with me in the morning and I don't want to ruin his day by being a little crabby...I have to remember I am with someone and he matters too...:)
I don't mind going on the weekend, I need to be alert for my job, it's dangerous to be sleepy with what I do for a living...
I wasn't necessarily the more mature one when I was with him, he just had stupid expectations of someone my age...I don't know, he was just weird...too old for me...and he's still single weird enough...

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Captain of the SS Panvi
Sat, May. 10th, 2008 06:47 am (UTC)

I saw Schindler's List in my senior year in Film Study. It took us a week to finish that movie. I've never cried so hard in class before. I don't think I will ever watch that movie again. I can't take it.

I would couldn't be in a class with someone like that. I can't keep my mouth shut about stuff like that. God knows how many friends/my mom I have told off because of homophobic or racist language. I become so furious!