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Sara isn't as big a Potterphile as she used to be

I'm thinking of changing my LJ layout. I'm not obsessed with Potter as I used to be. *waits for the shocked gasps to die down*
I still love Potter, I always will and I'll always be a part of the fandom to some degree. However, I'm not obsessed like I used to be. I haven't really read a Potter fanfic in over a month! I still look at fanart if it's somebody on my f-list but I don't go out of my way to look at...hp_art_daily anymore. The newest Potter movie isn't the movie I'm looking forward to the most. That's X-Files and then Indiana Jones and then Potter. I still want HBP promo photos of course, but I'm not going nuts at the lack of photos.
I might be in NYC for the premiere but even so, I probably won't go to it (main reason is because I'll be in NYC with a friend, if I were alone I might go). This time last year, if I found out I'd be in NYC for the premiere I'd go. Heck, if I found out it was a few days earlier, I'd change my hotel booking and I'd go. I'm not seeing HBP at midnight. Actually, I probably would even though I'm not crazy about Potter anymore but I'll be NYC when it comes out and I want to see it with imonsie, so for her, I'll see it during the day.

Er, point is. I don't really want my layout anymore. Both pieces of art on the header are absolutely gorgeous and they're commissions for me but...I kinda want something new. Plus I can look at those lovely pieces of art every time I glance at the wall :D
I have to see it I can save the layout html first, since a friend went through a lot of trouble to make it for me!

I'm drawing up a new layout on Adobe. I can't make the layout myself, since I still suck at these things, but I can at least get an idea for when I have somebody make it for me :P

I don't see myself changing my user name anytime soon. I still <3 Buckbeak, he kicks ass!

My main fandoms right now are South Park and X-Files if you were curious ;D

Bring it to attention that I'm still a Potterphile, I'm just not really into it at the moment. I totally see myself getting Potter crazy in November, but...right now I'm not really into it O.o
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