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This is driving me nuts!

Last night, I was in bed trying to fall asleep. I was almost asleep when suddenly, a movie popped in my head. A movie I haven't seen in years and I don't really remember the cast. I remember parts of the movie, so I'll list them in the hopes that you guys can help me! It's driving me barking mad, so if you even have an idea of the movie I'd be so appreciative!
Okay. There's a girl and a guy. They both live on a lake, across from each other. The guy has a telescope pointed at the girl's house and he watches her and her family. The girl lives in a messed up household if I remember correctly. There was a dad and a mom (or possibly just a mom or dad and the other is gone...that's an iffy point). I think there's a brother. She's always fighting with her parents\parent. She meets the boy and they become friends (or something more). She's at his house and sees the telescope pointing at her house. I know they fight but they might make up. Something happens to her (drugs I think) and she ends up in the hospital, rehab or something. She gets a crush on her doctor, unhealthy crush. She writes a letter to the boy and I think that's where the movie ends. I *think* the lead actress is a popular actress. It's from the 90s I think. I remember liking this movie and I have no idea why the movie popped in my head. Argh! What movie? Any ideas!?
Oh...wait a sec! As soon as I posted this the movie title Mad Love popped in my head...I think it's that movie xD

Where is a place that will always make you happy?: Nature
What song reminds you of a sad moment?: Endless Night from Lion King musical, it reminds me of my father.
Are you happy? Sad? Mad?: I'm....meh :P
Do you think you will ever get married?: Pfft, I'm feeling pretty down with that so right now I'm thinking like I'll be alone forever even if my brain is telling me I'll get married some day.
If so, to who?: Mr. Howdy, my invisible friend
What holiday makes you feel warm?: I dunno
Are you depressed?: At the moment? A little
Are you bi-polar?: Yes
Do you think you are attractive?: Nope
Does Anyone else?: My friends and cousin say I'm attractive, it's all lies!
Who in your life makes you smile the most?: Monsie and Ben (when I get ahold of him :B)
What would you do without this person?: Lead a sad and lonely life :\
Who would you want stranded on an island with?: Ben probably (or Danrad, hehe)
Are you insecure?: YES
Do you have any kids?: My furbabies :3
Can you keep a secret?: Yea
Are you a fake person?: I hide some parts of myself from people but I'm not 'fake'
Dont lie: I didn't
What is the most romantic thing you have done for someone?: I've never been in the situation to do something romantic :(
What is the most cruel thing you have done or said to someone?: I was a real bitch to a guy in my fourth grade class. I apologized to him :)
Do you have respect?: Respect mah authoritah!
Are you a mentor?: No, but I like Mentos
Who is your Role model?: Er...
Do you strive for happiness?: Meh
Does it come natural?: -.-
Are you trustworthy?: I try
Have you ever cheated?: On a test? Not a school test, but online quizzes ;)
Do you think that you are a good bf/gf?: My relationship didn't last long enough for me to find out..if you can even CALL it a relationship
Do you think young people are getting married to quick?: Some, I guess it works for some people.
What is your opinion on Gay Marriage?: If you don't like gay marriage, don't have one! Love is love! My second cousin is gay and has been with his life partner for over forty years now. They can't get married but they are so beautifully devoted to each other.
Do you think war will stop?: No. War will go on until the end of humanity. War is a human trait, there has always been and always will be war. Will the Iraqi War end? Hopefully in the not so distant future.
How would you promote a non violent world?: I'd love it but I'm realistic, humans are a violent species.
What are your feelings on Guns?: I think gun control laws should be more strict
Knives?: Useful for cooking! As for swords...I love swords! So gorgeous
Can anyone make you laugh?: I laugh easily :P
What is the one thing you will not let anyone know about yourself?: You think I'd tell random strangers that?
Are you a habitual liar?: No, I lie of course but I'm not a habitual liar.
Do you keep it real?: Keepin it real in the Westside!
Do you cry for no reason?: Yes
Do you have to have revenge?: My revenge is creating a Sim from that character and then locking them in a room with no bath, toilet, food. But there's a fireplace...and no door! xD
What is your sweetest revenge?: See above ;)
Is there someone you can totally confide into?: Two people
DO you think they are trustworthy?: Yes, I'd trust them with my life
You love your Family?: I'm fond of some family members, adore others, and dislike some
What would you do without them?: Depends on the family member.
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