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Guess who got a freaking job!?

I did! Well, it's only a temp job, until mid to late June but....ack! I can put it on my resume to help me get a more permanent job. It isn't at my mom's work either, it's a job I found all on my own. Best part? It's in a nice and quiet place, the library! It's the library right near me, so I don't even have to waste gas getting there. It takes me ten minutes to walk there, not even a minute to drive so what's the point in driving? I'm filling in for a lady on maternity leave, I'm helping check people out and stocking books. I'm surrounded by the smell of books old and new (I have a fetish for the smell of old books, rofl) and it's nice and quiet.

I'm going on summer vacation right after the job ends, but I have to think of a place to go to! I'd go to Arizona to see imonsie except for two things. First of all, I was just in Arizona. The place I went to before that was also Arizona, I want to go somewhere new. Second reason, it's summer. Granted, I'd love to experience an Arizona monsoon but those really don't happen when I'll be there, I'd miss them by like...two weeks. One day though! Mom and I would love to take a cruise to Alaska but I don't think it'll happen. I requested a new birth certificate and it hasn't come yet (ordered back in February) and then I'd have to get my passport. The best cruises debark from Canada and stupid new laws require passports to Mexico and Canada, it's bullshit! Bah! Oy, I can start ranting about what else is BS in the ways of politics but that's for another day! :P

I need to contact the Birthright Israel people, this is my last chance. You have to go before you're twenty-six and I'll be twenty-five this year. I want to go in the winter, I don't want to deal with desert summer (though a lot of Israel's climate is like Los Angeles'). If not winter, then spring. I won't get there this summer and I don't want to go next summer unless it's the only trip I can get. I gotta call these people, I need to go!

I saw Eric chatting up a classmate before class started. Then later he asked if I wanted to go to the arcade with him as friends. Before today I might have done it, gone with him as a friend. After seeing that though, I'm kinda thinking he'll try to start something again. I told him I'd let him know on Thursday, I don't know if I can stay friends with him. I am going see Iron Man with a classmate after therapy on Thursday, a bunch of us are going. That'll be fun :3
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