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I feel so wreched

I had a terrible day.

I've had hideous allergies all week. Itchy eyes, a cough that is lasting three weeks now, burning nose, and allergy headaches. Well, the allergy headaches have been the worst (after this horrid cough). None of the allergy meds are helping and Advil or Tylenol or whatever doesn't work either.
So this morning I woke up and I couldn't find my glasses. So imagine if you will an allergy headache (bordering on migraine) plus a headache brought on by eye strain! Yes, you had me curled into a ball with a washcloth on my eyes. I went to Kaiser to get my eyes examined, I've been needing to go and this got me to go. My prescription is a lot worse then what it was, a lot. They said 7 to 10 days for glasses and I said 'forget that!'. I went to my eye guy and when he realized I had no glasses and my contacts are very out of date, he got to work on my glasses. I just picked them up, nice new pair of glasses. I love my eye guy, I've been with him since I first started wearing glasses (age three!).
My eye strain headache is still there but it should be going away by the time I go to bed. I was basically on the couch all day except when I was at the doctor's and my eye guy. Went to the couch, closed my eyes, and listened to my iPod.
When I find my old pair I'll use them as a backup (and get my new prescription put in them).

Ok, I better get off the computer. My headache is getting worse again....

PS-I can't figure out how to use Facebook chat O.o

PPS-I should mention that mom was driving me. I'd be a hazard driving with no trying to focus on the road would probably make me pass out from the pain.
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