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Happy Earth Day!

Today was a busy day!

First of all, I took the bus to school. Hooray for public transportation! We didn't bother with classes, both my classes took the time to plant some stuff around the campus. Flowers, bushes, and a few trees. What's more important, learning about equations or helping your Earth Mother?
After that I took the bus to Best Buy and picked up My Boy Jack, which I'll watch sometime this week! I'll make sure to have a box of tissues on hand...
After that I headed to Wilshire Blvd. for the Earth Day festivities that were going on. I walked around and looked at all the nifty green products.

Around 6 I headed to Adam's (bus!) to see Andrew and hold him. I planned on being there about thirty minutes but the National Geographic Channel was having some Earth Day shows, so I stayed two hours. At 9 I quickly went to the market to pick up a free reusable cloth Earth Day grocery bag.
Then I headed home and here I am!

On the way to school I was listening to the radio and found out that there's a Celtic Theater Group in North Hollywood that has performances and classes! For $5 each session you can take classes on how to speak Gaelic. I am so doing this!

Hear hear :)
Tags: andrew, earth day, every day is earth day!, mother earth
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