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Hilarity insues

All this talk about religion reminded me of something that happened to me last week. I was talking to a girl in my class. We were talking about summer break and I mentioned that I wasn't sure if I was going anywhere in the summer but I was going to NYC in November. The following exchange occurs:
Girl: Why are you going to New York?
Me: There's a play I've been wanting to see that's going to be in New York for a few months.
Girl: Oh, are you going to be doing anything else there?
Me: Maybe see some musicals, go to museums, and Central Park. If I'm in Brooklyn I'll go to Crown Heights and see this building that's important to certain sects of Judaism.
Girl: *gives me blank look* There are JEWS in New York?
Me: *boggles*

Wow! New York is like...the Jewish capital of the country! That amused me to no end!

Six months, four weeks, and one day until Equus.
Tags: lol, wtfbbq?!
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