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Time to put my thinking cap on!

No classes today, yay! I can take the time to do some stuff around the house, finish my homework, and just relax

Last week a classmate gave me his me his Nintendo DS to borrow. The only Zelda game I haven't been able to play was Phantom Hourglass because it's on that system and I didn't want to waste money on getting one, so he let me borrow his system and his game. He also got me a Link figure from Twilight Princess that he saw when in an anime shop. My mom says he has a crush on me. I'm flattered but also conflicted if this is true. If I date, I really only want to date a Jewish boy. I have nothing wrong with other religions and personally wouldn't mind dating a non-Jew. What happens if it becomes serious though? What if I fall for the guy, any guy for that matter? I can't marry a non-Jew, that'll create way too much drama. Again, I really could care less. They say that inter-religion marriages are terrible for raising families but I'm not religious, and what if my non-Jewish husband isn't religious as well? I'd go to my mother's for Passover Seders and I'd light the menorah on Chanukah. I'd teach my children to respect both religious...all religions. For that matter, any child born from me would automatically be Jewish. If the mother is Jewish, the children are Jewish. I'd get along with his family (hopefully) and would respect that he's not a Jew. It would still cause drama though, many people in my family would make him feel less then welcome and I really don't want to have to deal with that! Easier to date a Jewish person, even if he's only Jewish by name and doesn't celebrate at all.
You might be thinking "Sara, it's only one guy. It probably wouldn't get serious."
True, true. I get attached very easily though, the few friendships I have are extremely important to me. I'm attached to all of you and , my friendship with imonsie is extremely important to me (I consider her family), and I cling to the only family member that shows affection and care for me (Ben).

I don't make friends easily, at least not offline. I can talk easier to people online, it's just easier for me to open up when I'm not looking at the person. I have more serious conversations with Monsie online then when we're actually together, and I can usually tell her anything. The only person I can have a serious discussion in person is Ben and that's because we can barely talk for a good length of time except when we are together! He's always so busy so it's usually just texting, with maybe one-on-one phone chats every other month! I can open up to you guys much easier then I can to my therapist, I consider nearly everybody on my f-list to be more then internet pals, but real friends. I say some of you because I guess I have some lurkers on my lj from various communities that I haven't really talked with.

I made a point to go to NYC a few years ago so I could meet one of you, somebody who I consider a real and true friend. I had fun in NYC but the main reason I went was to meet her, somebody I knew online for a few years.
I got off subject didn't I? Well, point is, I get really attached. I'd fall for a guy really fast, I just know it. At this point in my life, I really don't want to casually date. I think my first boyfriend would be casual only because he would be my first boyfriend (having one or two dates doesn't make a boyfriend for me). It'll just be easier for me to get attached to a Jewish boy then a non-Jew...

Wow, I really want to talk about other stuff. The above stuff was only supposed to be a small blurb, it became this huge thing! Ah LJ, my outlet.
As for the guy I mentioned, he could just be friendly. At least I have a gamer friend! I have plans to go to his house to play video games later this month, sweet!

The Seders were alright. The first night we were supposed to have only sixteen people, that's so little for us! However, things happened and the number went up to the usual number for our Seders; 29 people came. Crazy! The second night only about 8 people came, that was lovely!

We have these family friends, I've mentioned them a few times. The wife thinks that "the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim" (how awful!) and the husband is the pervert who thinks that Ben and I could be "kissing cousins" because of our bond.
They're both nice people despite their...views. Well, we all got in a discussion and I found myself agreeing with Phillip, which is rare for me!
We were talking about the Pope and how our respect for him went up after he willingly admitted that Jesus was a Jew, and his views on peace. He went into a Jewish synagouge. The wife, Ellise, has a problem with that. She thinks people of different religions shouldn't go into other faith's places of worship. "We should be separate."
It's that view that causes problems! The Jewish girl I've mentioned a few times (the one that got engaged just recently) ripped into me for visiting St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC. Why!? What is the big deal!? It's an absolutely gorgeous building and, yes, there was a service going on when we went in. Who cares?! If I ever go to Italy, I will visit the Vatican! The art, architecture, and sheer history of the place intrigues me! I also know that if the Pope ever came to Los Angeles, I'd go see him and would hope to be blessed by him (a Jewish woman I know did that). I'm not a religious person, I don't know if I believe in a god. I do have a spiritual side though, I don't think you have to be religious or believe in an almighty deity to be spiritual. It's not even my spiritual side thinking this about other faiths. How are we supposed to bring unity and peace to the world unless we integrate ourselves with our fellow humans? Not going to a church or making a Christian feel unwelcome in a temple is backwards thinking. I'd love to visit a Baptist church. You know, the kind where everybody is singing and dancing and having a wonderful time. Getting closer to their God through song and joy. It's beautiful to me, and I'd love to experience it! I'd love to just experience other people's faiths, it'll bring me closer to them. I think this is key to world peace, learning to not just accept but also respect other people's faiths and beliefs. Phillip is in the same mind frame...which really surprised me.

Everybody needs something to have faith in, whether it be a god\goddesses, multiple deities, nature, or even science (I have faith in nature and science). We can bash other people's views on faith, we have to learn to embrace it and respect it.

This is the same reason I can be friends with Republicans, even extreme Republicans. We respect each other's views. They might be Pro-Life and I might be Pro-Choice and we don't agree with each other on certain issues. We respect the other's right to an opinion though and we usually don't actually talk about these issues. I also recognize that not all Republicans are Bible thumpers and a lot actually care about the environment. This is why I like the Governator. He might be a Republican but I voted for him when he ran again (not originally). He's done a lot of good for this state and for the environment. He's not perfect but...I do like him, we could have done so much worse!

Wow, I really got on a soapbox didn't I?


Thoughts? I'd happily welcome opening up a discussion on this post :3
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