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I want to believe

Would you believe me if I told you that I'm more excited for the X-Files movie then the Harry Potter movie? I've loved X-Files far longer then Potter so it would make sense I suppose :)

I picked up this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly and the article for the movie makes me all giddy (as do the photos, Scully's hair rocks my non-existent socks!). Maybe I'll get off my ass later today and scan those photos. Carter mentions that their relationship is a key in the movie, eeee!!!! They were my first OTP since X-Files was basically the first fandom I actually got involved in. So excited!

Also extremely excited for the new Indy (he's on the cover of EW) and I hope they don't butcher the classics with the new version of Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Sooo, tired! We had a crazy amount of people over the Seder, so it's nice to have a quiet house again.
Tags: fandom, fangirl squee!!!, x-files movie
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