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NYC hotel and art!

I booked a hotel for NYC! I originally booked one room, for Monsie and myself. Well, her husband is most likely going so I needed to get another room (sharing a room would be extremely awkward). So we have a hotel in the Bronx, not far from the theater. I'm going to keep looking for other hotels and I'm also going to keep calling my timeshare to see if anybody canceled their hotel right next to Central park. It would be great if we could stay there, but in case we can't I have this Bronx hotel as a fall back plan.

I've been doodling for the past hour or so. I did a SP style Cartman (construction paper style). I also just completed my first serious attempt at drawing with my tablet. I used the pencil option and it's only a sketch, it isn't supposed to be this grand masterpiece. I like the subject of it though, I might attempt to do a better version of it once I really get the hang of my tablet and OpenCanvas.
Some things:
I can't draw beards
I can't draw hands to save my life (I always knew this!)
I can't draw backrounds (yet)
I can't really draw people's bodies in correct proportions.
Despite that, I like my sketch!

From the series premiere Cartman Gets An Anal Probe. ROFL
I loved that Merry Melodies clip!

My sketch. Nothing fancy but..I like it (despite all the glaring flaws). Awww, look at teeny Kyle! I couldn't draw a bald spot for Gerald, so let's say Kyle is...about 4 here, he looks young enough! I don't think the Broflovski's get enough show time. I could be completely biased in my love for Kyle (and in association, his family) but I would love an episode that really has them in it. Gerald especially, Sheila does get airtime, as does little Ike. Gerald though, he's almost always a background character and I'd love to see more of him! We see Stan and Randy bonding moments, I want some of Kyle and Gerald! Ahem :)

I can draw much better on paper. Using the stylus is similar to using a pencil...but, I still find a true pencil to be easier. Hopefully I'll eventually draw with this thing like I do with a "traditional" pencil.

Tags: fandom, my art, nyc vacation, south park
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