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So I had an interesting day.

We're still cleaning for Passover, which starts Friday. Let me tell you, never visit a Jew during this season, we are stressed up to our eyeballs! I'm in charge of cleaning three rooms and I can tell you, it'll be a miracle if they're ready for this damn holiday. I like the food, I like the fact that I lose weight, I like seeing family, but I hate the two weeks leading up to it! Bleh!

So I went to classes and came home to clean. I helped mom with the kitchen and such and then we went out to dinner.

We're going to the butcher tomorrow (well, today) to pick up meats, chickens, turkeys for the rest of the year. We stock up because this butcher is nearly two hours away. He used to be right near us but he moved and he's the best butcher we think, so we make the drive. We're taking my car to put some miles on it (it's about to reach 1,000!)

So I had to fill up at the gas station tonight. First I went to 7-11 since it's right across the street and I was craving a Slurpee. Well, while in line to pay this lady comes in for cigarettes. She turns to me and the following exchange occurs:
Lady: Oh my! Are you a model? You're gorgeous!
Me: Um, no.
Lady: Have you ever thought about it? Oh my, you are so beautiful! *turns to cashier* Isn't she beautiful!?
Cashier: I was just thinking that
Me: Um, thanks.
Lady: You also have such lovely skin!
Me: *getting beyond uncomfortable* Um, thank you. I better go, I need to head home.
Lady: Take care honey!

Um... My mom said that the lady is right but I honestly am flabbergasted. I'm not beautiful, I might be cute on a good day and my hair and eyes are nice but I don't think I'm beautiful or gorgeous or whatever. I sure as hell am not model material (even plus size model). I suppose I'm flattered since it was a stranger. A friend or a family member can say it and be lying to spare my feelings. I know with some, they are being nice. Ben and Monsie tell me I'm nice looking and I know they mean it, I just don't see it. It's kinda nice hearing it from a stranger but at the same time it was super uncomfortable. It put me on the spot and I hate it when that happens to me.


Well I got gas, I only needed to get five gallons but mom wanted a full tank. Freaking $20 for five gallons! UGH!!! That horse is looking mighty good right now...

Seven months and three days until Equus.
Tags: ben, gas prices, holidays, mom, monsie, passover, weight issues
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