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Fandom Survey

I wrote this survey because I am procrastinating!

Fandom Survey (ie: A Complete Waste Of Your Time)

1. What fandoms do you participate in?
Harry Potter, South Park, Futurama, The Legend of Zelda, Star Wars, X-Files

2. Who are your top favorite characters from each fandom? Choose one per fandom.
Harry Potter- Harry
South Park- Kyle Broflovski
Futurama- Phillip J. Fry
Zelda: Link
Star Wars- Luke Skywalker
X-Files- Fox Mulder

Now please choose one fandom to answer the following questions.
South Park (because I'm having another SP kick)

3. Please explain why you love your favorite character.
I adore Kyle. I actually identify with him, I find that we have a lot in common. Well, the most obvious similarity is that we're both Jews. Kyle is also very passionate and has a strong viewpoint and isn't swayed from his views easily but does take the time to look at the other side of the argument. That's the same with me, I'm stubborn when it comes to what I believe in but I don't completely disregard the other side. I might not believe in what you have to say but I will listen to your side of the argument with an open mind. Kyle is also a bit high strung and gets pissy easily. I'm fairly high strung and I get mad easily, though I don't explode like Kyle does (though he really only explodes at Cartman). Also, we both hate Cartman ;)
Besides the fact that I identify with him, I also adore him because he's just so awesome! Like I mentioned, he has a strong sense of morals and he's one of the most caring of the characters in the show (Stan being his Super Best Friend is also caring and he's my second favorite character).

4. What character do you like least?
Eric Cartman. I despise him. In the beginning of the series I liked him, I thought he was an annoying brat but I liked his character. Now though, I can't stand him. Sure I laugh at some of his lines, but I still dislike him. Before his Jew jokes were funny, as a Jew I laughed at them. Now though, it's gotten to the point where it isn't that funny anymore. He's gone out of his way to do terrible things to people where before he just used his words (which can also hurt but it wasn't the same). He's still a coward though and that makes me laugh. He'll always try to pick fights with Kyle but all Kyle has to do is smack him in the face and he'll run screaming. Sure Kyle has said terrible things to Cartman but Kyle hasn't gone out of his way to actively try to kill Cartman. Haha, I'm looking way too much into their relationship!
Er...but actually, I think I dislike Towlie the most ;D

5. Do you read fan fiction for this fandom?
Indeed I do!

6. Do you read slash for this fandom? If so, list the slash pairings you make a point to seek out.
I do read slash in this pairing!
Craig\Thomas (lol)

7. Are there any pairings you absolutely will not read?
Hell yes! Although, I don't read slash if it takes place during the time of the show. The characters have to be in at least high school. If it's during the show, I prefer just general stories.
I think the Cartman\Kyle pairing is so many kinds of wrong! I have a friend who asked me "You read Harry\Draco but you don't like Kyle\Cartman? Aren't they the same?" I guess some might think so freaking way man! Kyle\Cartman just makes my stomach churn!

8. What about het? Do you read it? If so, are there any pairings you actively read?
Yeah, I suppose I read het. Uh...well I'll read Wendy\Cartman if it's not the main pairing of the story. Ya know, a side pairing sort of thing. I'll read Stan\Wendy if it takes place when they're children. Or Kyle\Bebe :3

9. Ok, so we establish that you read fanfic. There are many forms of fanfic out there, is there a type that, to you, isn't written enough?
I wish there were more fanfics out there that deal with them during the show years; basically when they're in the fourth grade. So many fanfics are around high school and college years which is fine if I want slash (two nine year old boys making out is just wrong), but I have a soft spot for stories when they're still little boys. I also like stories that focus on a certain episode. A missing scene or maybe an alternate ending. For example, I have read alternate endings to the episodes Smug Alert and Cherokee Hair Tampons and both made me cry my eyes out.

10. Is there anything surprising about the fandom?
Well, it's a bit surprising how mature the fandom for South Park is. It shouldn't have surprised me though! There's hardly ever drama in the SP fandom and you can get into really great philosophical conversations with fellow fans. I love the Potter fandom and yes, there are intelligent conversations, but it's a bit different with the South Park fandom. Please take note that despite the fact that South Park is a vulgar and controversial show, it really is an adult show. Not because of the humor but because of the messages behind it, Trey and Matt are always putting in big news events in episodes, always sending messages about what's happening today. Behind the crude humor and the foul language, you have a very adult minded television show. I think that's why the fandom is so...interesting :)

11. Is this your main fandom?
It's my second main fandom. My heart will always be with the Potter fandom, South Park is just a close second! Sadly there's nowhere near as much fanfic in SP as HP. Sad

12. How long have you been a fan?
Oh jeez, since the very beginning. I watched the series premiere the night it aired and I've been a fan ever since. So I suppose I was roughly fourteen when I became a fan. I rock ;)

13. Are there any fanfic authors you really enjoy?
Broflovskifan, IndianaBeachBum, and Fletset over on There's actually a couple of authors I really enjoy but those three are the ones I can think of off the top of my head :)

14. Anything else to add?
Would Brian Boitano win a fight against Manbearpig?

15. If possible, post a photo of all your crap stuff from this fandom.

Most of my stuff :)
I also have all the seasons and the movie on dvd, the movie soundtrack, Mr. Hankey The Christmas Poo soundtrack, a big Kenny doll I can't find, an ancient dead Kenny shirt (he's in a microwave), a Manbearpig shirt and bumper sticker, this WWBBD? shirt, this old sticker book from the first season, a holiday postcard book, amongst other crap! I've collected this stuff over the years :)
I think my favorite non dvd\music related items are my Kyle and Stan talking dolls from the Metrosexual episode (the dolls with the sunglasses).

I just saw the preview for the upcoming episode, I can't wait! It looks really good!
Feel free to take this survey yourself.

Now to do something productive!
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