Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27


It's official, I just purchased my Equus tickets! I'm so insanely excited right now, I'd scream the house down if my mom weren't asleep! I'm hopefully going with my best friend imonsie but as the date gets closer, I'll get a backup plan in case she cannot come.


I'm going Wednesday, November 19th at 8pm. I'm on the left hand side of the mezzanine, row A! That's the first row of the mezzanine and the seats are the center most section of the left (next to the aisle). In my opinion, front row of mezzanine seating are better then anywhere in the orchestra except perhaps the first five rows. My seats are above row K in the orchestra and I get to look down on the stage without having to worry about heads.



I do know one thing for sure, if for some reason Monsie can't come, it won't be hard selling the ticket (hopefully to somebody I know).

*goes to drink something to calm down from her Equus induced high*

PS--imonsie we need to start planning!

So, anybody going to be in NYC then? Wanna hook up?
Tags: equus, fangirl squee!!!
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