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cats and holidays

So I don't know if I ever mentioned the results for Neville and Zoe. I mentioned before that Neville was tested for a virus (can't really remember the name, starts with a 'C'). A lot of vets say to pull nearly all their teeth out to stop the infection, because that's where it's centered. Neville's teeth themselves are healthy but it's the gums, that's where the virus is. His gums are inflamed, have been since he was a wee little kitten which is what made my vet think he had an auto immune disorder. My vet doesn't want to pull his teeth though, but if he has to it'll be as few as possible. He also has a lump on his neck that the vet was worried about. We got the results for that Friday, it's an abscess. I used to drain abscesses all the time in my rats, messy and smelly work. I would possibly have drained Neville's but it's right under the jaw, on the neck, and I'm not comfortable doing that. So he's going in Monday to get it drained.
Now for Zoe, I took her to the vet the other day since it's been over a year since she was at a vet. She's healthy! She's a little underweight but not by much, her teeth are healthy, her gums are healthy, no ear mites, barely any fleas (Frontline took care of that), and no internal parasites.
I'm relieved that the lump isn't serious and that Zoe is fine.

I've been having fun playing with my tablet, been boring entertaining imonsie with my doodles.

I hate this time of year. Why? One word; Passover! The holiday itself is fine, you get tasty food and I see family I hardly ever see. No, it's the preperation for Passover. We have to make sure there's nothing in the house that'll conflict with it. Nothing with yeast, corn, corn starch, etc etc etc. So we have to completely turn over the kitchen, and take stuff to the garage. I have to go through my room and the den and we have to spend a bit to clean the furniture. Ugh, I hate it! Then after the holiday, we have to take the Passover pots back outside and bring in our everyday crap! Oy vey!
Tags: holidays, judaism, neville, pet problems, zoe
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