Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Guess who I met Thursday!!!

Today was mixed, some great stuff and some horrible stuff.

Before school I stopped by Best Buy to pick up a tablet. I'm loving this thing! I need to get used to it and the mouse that came with it is kinda slow. It's felt covered to protect the tablet screen so I won't use my other mouse, so I have to get used to this slow thing. I can also use the stylus and I have to get used to scrolling with one. I'm having fun doodling with it and writing my name in.
I then headed to class for four hours of boredom. I usually like my classes (except math) but today it was just wretched. Boring topics and add that to the fact that my allergies are acting up terribly. I usually do my homework at the library and then head to the gym on campus but I felt like complete shit today. Really bad headache, coughing a lot, sore throat, messed up nose, itchy eyes. Yeah, fun! So I headed home for a bit, did some cleaning for Passover. Love the holiday because of the food but hate the preparation that goes into it. It's so stressful!
I then headed to an early therapy session so I could get to Borders to see Julie Andrews! Yes! She was promoting her autobiography which I'm going to start this weekend. I absolutely love her, her voice is astounding, her acting is lovely, and she's such a classy woman. I actually got to talk to her for about five seconds while she signed my book.
Me: I absolutely love your voice Ms. Andrews!
Her: Thank you very much my dear.
Ahhh!!!!! Haha, nothing to write home about but come on, it's Julie Andrews! Now if I can meet Maggie Smith I'll have met all the British actresses that I really want to meet. Now, as for the British actors, well, that list is vast.

My various plots to get in his pants are infinite in number and my number of minions is increasing. All of you minions will get a flying monkey. I'm a nice master :)
To you "normal" people, ignore the above sentence :)

Oh! I should also mention that when driving to school, I pass Sony Studios and on Wednesday I got stuck in traffic next to Dennis Quaid!! Ahh, I love him! I didn't mind being stuck in traffic :D
Tags: allergies, celebrity encounters can be fun!, fangirl squee!!!, my quest to get in his pants, sara's adventures with mary poppins
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