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A long day of school + stupid drivers = roar!

Dear LA Drivers,

If you don't know how to drive, get off the road! If you see emergency vehicles barreling down the street with their sirens going for the love of cupcakes get out of their way! If you are already in the intersection, finish your business so you aren't blocking their path! If you want to make a left turn but you are still at the light, stay there! Do not go in the intersection! You are blocking their path to helping people and it takes a lot longer for a large vehicle like a fire truck to stop when it slams on it's brakes! Do not honk at me for yielding to them! Do not honk at me for not doing a rolling stop at a stop sign! I stop for at least 3 seconds before proceeding! If you don't like it tough! Do not honk at me for stopping for pedestrians! Do not flip me off for not getting into the "KEEP CLEAR" area! You know, those areas of a street that's part of any form of intersection so cars can pass through or make turns. It says "KEEP CLEAR" for a reason! If the light is green but the road up ahead is blocked, don't honk at me for staying at the light! I'm not going to go into the intersection and block through traffic! It might not say "KEEP CLEAR" but it's common knowledge that you keep the freaking intersection clear if you can't proceed! Don't you dare honk at me and yell at me if you nearly hit me! You had a stop sign, I did not! You didn't bother to pay attention because you were putting on your lipstick and you nearly plowed right into the driver's side of my car! It's not my fault you're a crap driver!

A Pissed Off Driver

PS-I love you drivers that obey the laws. Seriously, you guys rock.

Time to start homework.
Tags: letters, los angeles, rants, stupid people
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