Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Can't sleep, clown will eat me.

Ahhh, Equus tickets go on sale soon! *runs around screaming*...well, not really. It is nearly 2am after all ;B


I'm basically living at the vet! Neville was at the vet over the weekend and he came home on Monday. We had to take him back Tuesday for a biopsy, there's a lump on his neck. He tested positive for a virus...starts with a C, I'm blanking! Argh! Well, he might need to get a bunch of teeth pulled because of that. My vet believes the less the better, so we'd only take the really bad ones. The lump could be an abscess or just an inflammation...or something worse. He should get the results for that Thursday. Today I'm taking Zoe to get checked up. She looks healthy but better safe then sorry, plus she can use her shots!

I took some photos of Neville (and Heidi), they're behind the cut.

I want a Bamboo Fun, it looks spiffy!

I was going through some of my crap and I realized..>I have a lot of South Park crap. Yeah, that's what it is and I'll freely admit it; it's crap! Sure, it's fun crap but crap nonetheless! I have about 5 Kyle plushes alone..and one talks! Yee! I'm trying to downsize my possessions, I have way too much! I don't want to touch some of my stuff though, my Potter and SP stuff for example. I really need to start selling this junk, and giving away other stuff. Oy vey, what a chore.

I want an icon of that beautiful Dan photo. I'm not being a fangirl here, that photo really is gorgeous. I still need to get a room for NYC, I couldn't get it through my timeshare which annoys me. I'm going to have to pay lots now, and I also have Israel to worry about! Ack!

Anyway, sleep soon.

Poor Neville is so sensitive, you pick him up wrong and he cries.

Tags: cats, equus, fandom, heidi, my photos, neville, pet problems
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