Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

music really does calm the savage beast

I downloaded a trial version of OpenCanvas and I like the program itself, I can see it has so much potential. I just generally fail at it. I tried drawing something simple...Kyle (cartoon!). His nose sucked, his eyes sucked, his mouth sucked, there was general suckage going on. I tried doing the same thing on pen and paper and it was much better, so I know I can draw Kyle in that style (heh). I did some tricks to help with drawing with a mouse, slowing down the scroll for example. I just utterly fail at drawing with a mouse. His ushanka was alright, which is downright bizarre because his hat is hard for me to draw properly!
I want to learn how to use this program but first I need to figure out how to freaking draw with the mouse! For now I suppose I'll continue drawing on paper and scanning then coloring in with the program. Poor Kyle, I butchered him.
Tags: art, omgwtfbbq
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