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Arizona Vacation Photos: Painted Desert

The Painted Desert is astounding. It's a vast desert of painted hills, buttes, and mesas in many pastel and vivid colors. It's also as silent as the tomb. All you can hear is the wind (if there is any) and if an animal moves, even a little lizard, you will hear it. To me, it felt pretty wrong talking in a normal tone out there. At the bottom of the post is a video, if you turn it up you can hear me whispering but I took it to show just how silent it is. The noise you do hear is the wind. Ancient people lived here, there's evidence in their pueblos and their petroglyphs. I couldn't photograph the pueblo since I was bone tired by that time and it would have been a little hike. I did take photos of the petroglyphs at Newspaper Rock however. It really goes to show what people can do if they have to. These people lived in a harsh environment; extreme temperatures with only a small window of mild weather. From the scorching heat of the summer, where it gets into triple digits, to the frigid winters where the Park Rangers said it can get into minus temperatures. Their window for crop growing was so small, mostly from late February to very early May. Gotta respect their endurance!

It's so breathtaking.

If you look closely you can see the petroglyphs around the bottom of this rock. You can't get down to them, you're on a ledge overlooking. I'm glad you can't get down to them, I can imagine some asshole defacing the rock.

Close up!

Even more close up! Very awesome!

These are called The Tepees because of their shape. Just look at the awesome layers! *flails like the geo geek that she is*

Such colors....

Tags: arizona 2008, mother nature's paint brush, my photos, vacations
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