Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Arizona Vacation Photos: Petrified Forest

I'll do separate forests for Petrified Forest and Painted Desert. They're literally right next to each other and overlap but there's quite a bit of photos so I'll separate them :)

The red of the stone that replaced organic material in the wood and the extreme azure sky make a nice photo. I think this is my favorite landscape photo of the Forest.

Close up on the wood. Again, all organic components of the wood has been replaced by quartz, amethyst, stone, etc. It's a federal crime to take any wood from the forest. You can get a really heavy fine or jail time, or both.

Close up of another piece. It's sad, we were told that petrified wood literally littered the landscape and that you would walk on thousands of chips of it. People would steal it though and over time the number of wood samples declined drastically. You can buy petrified wood outside the park borders legally. I got a nice piece myself :)

The most northern part of Petrified Forest, beyond here is Painted Desert..the next post :)

I hope you enjoyed! It's so fascinating at the Forest, I highly recommend anybody that can to visit. Many dinosaur fossils have been found here, as well as other ancient creatures. It's kinda eerie being there, knowing that these trees are billions of years old.
Tags: arizona 2008, mother nature's paint brush, my photos, vacation
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