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weeee, spamming!

Quizzes are fun.

How Much Do You Hate Myspace?
Created by OnePlusYou
Hehe, yay. I still have a MySpace account :B

How long could you survive in the vacuum of space?
Created by OnePlusYou
This is something I've needed to know my whole life. I can die satisfied now ;B

Omfg. I just got the most random song stuck in my head! Popped in out of nowhere...Here it is!. Please don't ask me why that song popped in my head, I haven't heard it since at least 2000!

The only way you can stop this spamming is if you pry the keyboard from my cold dead fingers. Of course, you'd have to kill me first, you wouldn't want to do that would you?

*thinks of what else to post about*
Tags: f-list spammage, music, quizzes
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