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Meme and incredible and very shocking news

List ten strange\quirky things about you.
1. I like listening to the national anthems of various countries and have a playlist on my iTunes\iPod titled "National Anthems". I just listened to O Canada actually....
2. I like to dip pieces of challa in grape juice for a snack. Yum!
3. I didn't get into a lot of the fads when I was a pre-teen\teen. I didn't like pocket pets, Pokemon, boy bands, etc etc. I did get into Pogs though, but that was when I was in elementary school. I'm unique! Not ;)
4. One of the first movies I remember seeing in theaters was Arachnophobia. Rescuer's Down Under came out the same time and Adam wanted to take me to see that, I wanted to see the spider movie! I also remember being on my parent's bed and looking at the edges, just waiting for a spider to get me! I was 7 when I saw it I think...I also loved the computer game....
5. I once dyed my hair royal blue. It was supposed to come out in a week, or less if I wash my hair. It didn't though, I had royal blue then turquoise and then algea green hair for nearly a full year! It was awful, I'm very wary dying my hair anything but natural colors now xD
6. I once had a Purim carnival goldfish that lived for a month. Her name was Queen Esther Condor and she was awesome. I also had a cat named Maztaball. My aunt found a stray brown tabby kitten on Passover and gave him to me. Sadly, he had feline leukemia which he gave to our two older cats Squeaky II (mane coon) and Nuchie (pronounced noo-chi and an angora). They all died within three years. Sadness.
7. In middle school I took drama. Our school was very small so the science teacher, Scott, was also the drama teacher. I remember us doing various Monty Python skits. Fun!
8. My first celebrity crush was on John Ritter if I remember correctly. I went through times where I considered him a brother figure, friend, father figure (well, Jack Tripper mostly haha). I was honestly devastated when he died. It wasn't just sadness over a celebrity I like dying. It was like losing an old friend. I completely understood how his children felt, losing my father when he was fairly young and so sudden as well. I cried for days when John died, and watching his widow Amy Yasbec talk about him to Larry King a few weeks ago opened the wounds.
9. When I was young, I had a best friend named Rocio. We were super close and role played. As soon as we got home from school, we'd get on the phone and wouldn't get off until we went to sleep. We did homework over the phone, watch tv over the phone, whatever! We also played over the phone. Nirvana was our thing. We were various people in the Nirvana scene (I was Kurt and Dave for example) and we'd pretend. In person, we played with Littlest Pet Shop and Lion King (and sometimes we made those toys Nirvana again, lmao). In middle school she ditched me to be part of the cool kids crowd. It was near summer so I turned to eating. I gained a lot of weight that summer and I never lost it. Sometimes I miss her quite a lot. What they've done with Littlest Pet Shop is criminal.
10. I've loved U2 since I was a baby. My brother used to listen to them and one of my earliest memories is him playing the Joshua Tree album with me toddling around. I was three maybe? I've loved the Beatles just as long :)

Okay, now for some wild and crazy news!

Do you older friends remember Zoe? She was my little tortie, sister to my orange guy Spencer. A little over a year ago I posted that she had died. I found the body of a small tortie cat in my backyard and thought it was her. Well...she's alive. It's the damndest thing! For the last two months I've been seeing a small tortie around the neighborhood. I could have sworn it was Zoe and got my hopes up, trying to catch her. Then I found out that a neighbor had a tortie, so I assumed it was her tortie and not Zoe. The past week a cat has been coming into the house whenever I open the dog door (dog door is usually closed but sometimes I'll open it for Spencer). I first saw a dark tail and then yesterday I saw the whole back of the cat. It. Looked. Like. Zoe! Well, while eating dinner last night I heard the collar again so when I knew she was eating, I tiptoed to the door and slammed it shut. IT WAS ZOE!!!! I burst into hystericle tears. I didn't' want to get my hopes up. I kept thinking "it's Zoe!" but deep down I thought it was some random cat that knew we had food. Where the hell has she been this whole year!? She's in very good shape. She's thin but she always was a very thin and small girl. She had absolutely no fleas on her, her coat was nice and full, and strangest of all? She had the same collar on her that I put on her. What I'm thinking is, the neighbors down the street fed her. They've told me that Spencer goes to eat from them. He's mostly indoors now but I do let him out on occasion. So they probably fed Zoe too and she came into this house whenever the door was open but I just never spotted her. I was afraid she'd also be feral or something but after squirming in my arms for a few minutes she went back to her old self, licking and purring. It's incredible, I can't believe she's alive. I feel like a shitty pet owner though, that I thought the dead cat was her. I say to myself that it was because
a. the cat was small like Zoe
b. the cat was a tortie and had a pink collar
c. I was so upset that it would be understandable thinking it was her.

I actually went to the grave to see if there was a hole...zombie cat...

Zoe before she disappeared.


Wow, I looked whacked in this photo. My nose is red from crying, no makeup, and frizzy hair from the heat. Despite that, I look decent (wow, Ben and Monsie are really doing something for me to say I look alright!). My Zooom Zoom's home!

I'm pretty hyper right now so I might start spamming y'all.

OH! Important question right now. I want to start drawing on the computer. I know there's programs that have tablets. But I do not have the money to waste on a tablet (not a waste if it were for a job, but this is just a hobby). I know there's Paint but paint sucks. Is there another program where you create drawings with the mouse or whatever and color in? I'm sick of drawing on paper and then scanning...
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