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Neville update

Those of you on my Facebook already know about Neville but I haven't mentioned it here yet.
The last few days Neville was acting different. He'll be lethargic, eat very little, drink a little. He was also more sensitive then usual to being touched in certain places and his gums\nose\ears didn't have any pink in them. He got a teeny bit better, the pink coming back to those areas and he would eat a few more bites but other then that, no change.
I finally talked mom into taking him to the vet, she thought it would go away. Understandable since he appeared to be getting better for half a day. When we got him, the vet diagnosed him with a low immune system and he'd have down days where he's more sensitive. Other then that (and his bad teeth) he was fine. This is his worst 'down time'.

So we took him to the vet yesterday. He had a temperature of 105 which is high for a cat, he also had a high white blood cell count. We got word this morning that his temperature hasn't gone down so they're going to run more tests on him. Originally just blood tests to check him for various things, including...FIV. When we got him the rescue said he was negative for FIV but he was only 3 months old when we got him and was tested so young! We retested him but again, he was very young and the vet said it might not show up until he's about a year old. He didn't think it was FIV though, he's eleven months old now so he'll retest him for FIV amongst other things. I'm praying it isn't FIV. With an immune deficiency, I just have to worry about Neville. With FIV, I'll have to worry about the other cats. Spencer looks the same as always and other then getting older, Mystery is fine.
The tests, IV drips, etc etc are going to run us quite a bit of money. Worth it though.

Oh please don't be FIV.... x__x
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