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Home are where your kitties sleep

If you have kitties at least...

Palm Springs at dusk. The sand was kicked up so it made for a beautiful sunset. Still three hours from home at that point!

We left a little after 8 this morning and finally got home around 8:30pm. Not bad really considering we stopped in Sedona (had to go 20 miles in both directions out of the way), ate in Phoenix, got stuck in Phoenix traffic, and got stuck in traffic in Riverside!

We went to Sedona since I really wanted to see the gorgeous red rocks again, so worth it! It's being developed more though because Senator McCain is from there. I hope it doesn't get too developed, that would make me sad. Sedona is one of the cities in Arizona I'd happily live in.
After Sedona we headed south to Phoenix to catch the I-10. We stopped in the area of Phoenix I know from January to eat at a Mexican restaurant. Mom made a wrong turn so I was able to give her directions since I stayed in that general area back in January and drove those streets myself! The place was really cool, the ceiling and walls were bright colors; pinks, oranges, reds, neon greens, purples. Huge drinking glasses and they kept refilling without being asked, I haven't drank so much root beer in months! I had a tasty beef taco (soft taco, a real taco) and some rice with dipping sauce. Also tried mom's chimichanga, yummy! Had some flan for dessert and then we headed out. We headed southwest out of Phoenix, on the I-10 and got stuck in traffic around 2:30, joy. We finally got going though which was great. Beautiful desert mountains and cacti as our landscape.
After while we got to Palm Springs and I took some nice photos of the wind powered generators. There was dust everywhere from the wind so it made great sunset shots!
After a while we got on Highway 60, around Riverside, CA. Gorgeous highway, it rained quite a bit there so the mountains and hills were green and lush.
Eventually, about 1 1\2 hours after getting on the 60, we reach Downtown LA and I'm giddy!

It's nice seeing my kitties (and dog and turtle). Working on photos right now, expect scattered posts throughout the weekend!

Seeing Ben tomorrow! Yay!!!!
Tags: arizona 2008, california, los angeles, my photos, vacations
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