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I was able to hook up to the internet with my savvy skills. Okay, I admit it, I had to buy their special modem and pay a little bit for the whole stay. It was my savvy skills that found their paper on the computer desk! Skills I say!

Um...yeah, anyway. I was not as excited to go on Thursday since mom decided she didn't want to go and we couldn't' get a refund, so we had to go. Once we got on the road it was alright though.

It was a mighty long journey. We left LA at 10. We got out of the house around 9ish but mom wanted to stop at the cemetery first and then Coffee Bean for large drinks and I dropped my phone at Apple Pan (hamburger place) the night before so we had to go there to pick it up. So by the time we got on the I-10, it was 10.
We then got on another highway and headed northeast towards Barstow, CA. That place used to just be a city known for their truck stops and the fact that three major highways all have junctions there (one highway starts there). Not now though, it's a pretty big city! We got on the I-40 from there and I got a laugh over one of their signs. It said "2554 miles until Wilmington, North Carolina". Hehe, that signs there's because the I-40 starts in Barstow and ends in Wilmington. It passed so fast I couldn't get a photo. We traveled Route 66 for about a hour. It's such a small highway though, one lane in each direction and very narrow so we got on and off at the available merges. It would have taken forever to travel it all y'know? I just wanted to be on it a bit to say I traveled on it. I got my kicks on Route 66! Gotta respect that highway though, it was made fairly obsolete when all the super highways were developed and for a long time (a few decades) it was the only major route between Chicago and Los Angeles. Well not the only, there were other roads but it was the fastest. Respect it!

We got into Arizona around 2:30ish. We got into Arizona via Lake Havasu and that's the city where the old London Bridge is. We didn't see it have to pay to get on it! Ugh. We went over the Colorado River, giving me nice memories from a trip I took when I was in the sixth grade. We stopped in Kingston for a bite to eat, In & Out!
Then we headed towards Flagstaff and went shopping at a market. Our room is more of a suit, two bedrooms and a kitchen and living room..and a patio with a BBQ! So we got some of the cold stuff we need that we didn't bring from LA. Mmm, Arizona milk!
From Flagstaff we headed to Holebrook to get to the 377 highway. We were afraid we got on the wrong road but we didn't. One lane in each direction crossing vast desert with nothing surrounding us but said desert! It was eerily beautiful, it was night when we did this and the full moon was huge and cast a blue glow around the surrounding land. I played some Johnny Cash for the occasion (Ghost Riders in the Sky!).
We finally got to the resort around 9pm.
Watched some Python and Leno then went to my bedroom to watch Conan and Craig Ferguson (the interview with Ben Kingsly made me lol).

Today we went around the resort, just looking at things. They have a small general store which was cute and an ice-cream and coffee parlor that I think I'll be haunting this trip. They don't bring in the horses until summer but there's a horseback ranch 40 minutes from here, we might go. I won't go if they don't have a horse that holds me weight (sad D:). They have a bison! A female named Alice, she's still fairly wild so she was eyeing us but she didn't seem scared. Probably used to city slickers gawking at her. She'll be getting some friends in the next few weeks, I'm glad since she looked a bit lonely. Bison!
The resort itself it nice, it's a bunch of buildings in the style of the Old West! Sweet :3

We're going to go to Meteor Crater and Petrified Forest sometime this week, possibly the same day. Hopefully we'll go to the Canyon but it isn't definite. The Mogollon Rim and Monument Valley are hopefuls as well.

Now it's time for lunch.
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