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Some pictures and some stuff

Taken from my phone! I <3 my phone

There's some photos of me behind the cut, so be warned! I'm wearing a cool hat though, that makes it all better!

Taken from my phone tonight with no flash. This is a design building on Melrose (I think), it's nicknamed The Blue Whale and it's an awesome building! That's a giant steel cheer ;)

Heh, now this photo looks like a phone photo! This is a gas station, it's so cool! It has these really neat artsy metal arches and arcade like gas pumps. It's like a space age gas station for refueling space ships! It doesn't look as cool during the day.

Yay hat! My mom made it for me!

Looking goofy :x

I also found my super awesome London Fog hat! I <3 my hat, it's so nice and warm and it compliments my skin tone and my eyes. :P

What is up!? Nobody has done this! I worked for a full 20 minutes to get that done ;D

LMAO. x)

Things that happened this week
~Got an 'A' on my geology quiz!
~Now this is a shocker, got a freaking B on my math! That's amazing since I am appalling at math. So happy with myself :D
~Lost two pounds
~Talked to Ben :3
~Cleaned my room
~Found lots of treasures under my bed
~Went to mom's work and earned some rupees (money!)
~Got hit on by a creepy old guy that had to be in his 50s and kinda looked like a cross between Rosanne and Fred Flintstone. Do not want!
~Found two iTunes gift certificates

Things that are sure to happen this week!
~Download $50 worth of iTunes music (see above)
~Gain back those two pounds, woe!
~See 10,000 BC
~Get 101 Dalmatians and pick up a video game (probably the new Silent Hill!)
~Finish cleaning room
~Start cleaning Closet Of Doom
~Make friends with the dust bunnies
~Become one with the Dust Bunny Tribe
~Become their queen
~Get committed for being utterly barking mad
~Clip Spencer's claws
~Get scratched
~Continue her addiction to music
Tags: hyper sara!, lists, los angeles, me, my photos, youtube
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