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My weekend

So I went to some friends of the family for Friday night dinner. I had this conversation with one of the daughters;

Sara: I'm probably going to Israel this winter for Birthright Israel.
Diana: Really?! You'll love it there! The Israeli boys are so hot and the nightclubs are fun!
Sara: Well I'm going to try to find a Birthright program that focuses more on the cultural, historical, and natural aspect of Israel.
Diana: Why? You should do a program that has the nightclubs and Shabbotones! (Shabbotones is where you spend the weekend, the Sabbath at a Jewish home)
Sara: I'm not interested in nightclubs and I'm not religious at all. I'd be uncomfortable in a highly religious Jewish household.
Diana: Oh, well you won't find the sort of program you want.
Sara: Yes I will, I saw of them last summer. Since Birthright will take care of basically all my money needs I'm going to go somewhere else after it.
Diana: Oh? Where?
Sara: I haven't decided yet. Either Egypt, Greece, or Italy.
Diana: Egypt!? Why Egypt! It's full of Muslims and there's nothing to do there!
Sara: Israel's full of Muslims, I don't care that it's full of Muslims! There's so much to see in Egypt!
Diana: What could possibly be interesting in Egypt?
Sara: The Pyramids? The Sphinx? Karnak? Luxor?
Diana: Ok, I know the Pyramids. Is the Sphinx that old lion statue thing? Luxor? Karnak? What's that?
Sara: *fingers twitching under table* Yes, the Sphinx is that giant sculpture next to the Pyramids. Luxor is a site of many beautiful Egyptian temples.
Diana: I still don't see what's fascinating about that.
Sara: You know I major in anthropology, you know I'm fascinated by ancient civilizations.
Diana: They're all dead cultures! The only ancient history you should worry about is the Bible
Sara: *twitches again and decides to change subject* Well I haven't decided. I might take in Greece and Italy!
Diana: I've always wanted to go to Greece! So many beautiful beaches!
Sara: Yes, the beaches are lovely there. I want to see the Parthanon, Acropolis, etc
Diana: What?
Sara: Ancient Greek building
Diana: why Italy?
Sara: I want to go to various cities, including the Vatican
Diana: WHAT?! You're Jewish! Why would you want to go to the Vatican!!?!??!
Sara: It has gorgeous architecture! Plus there's art there...the Sistine Chapel!
Diana: I don't understand why you're so interested in dead cultures. You should be looking for a husband, you're too old to not be married. A good Orthodox Jewish woman is married by your age, you need to be havings kids too! By the time I'm your age I hope to have five kids.
Sara: I'd love to be married but I have to find the right man. As for kids, I don't want 5, I think the Earth is too overcrowded to begin with! I'll probably just have two, three tops. I'll probably adopt a child too.
Diana: Adoption? Well...I guess. There's plenty of single men in the temples!
Sara: I'm. Not. Religious.
Diana: Yes, pity.

GAH!!!! I like her, I do! It's just...she's so close minded and I'm not a great Jew I suppose because of my ways. I don't care...she's nice but...yeah. *SIGH*
I did have a good time though.

Saturday was very conflicting! First things first, my mom put together a Kiddish in my father's memory. The Jewish anniversary of my dad's death was Saturday, according to the Jewish calender. In the English calender, it's the 26th. Anyway, mom sponsored a Kiddish where some friends of Dad said some speeches. It was at my dad's temple which is pretty Orthodox! I look like a bag lady in skirts and try not to wear them if possible. I couldn't find a skirt that made me look decent for the Kiddish so I put on some nice dress pants. I was so worried I was going to get evil glares from the women since it's Orthodox. A few years ago I would have but a lot of members have died (old) or moved to another temple so I wasn't that uncomfortable. I saw some people I haven't seen in ages. Before the Kiddish, the rest of the Saturday morning service was going on. Well, first off, I dropped mom off at 10:30 then went home to wake up properly. I didn't want to be there all morning! I went back around 11:30, just in time for the Mourner's Kaddish, the prayer for the deceased. It's a beautiful prayer and I know it by heart. There's a video of it at the end of this post, it's a very moving prayer. After all that was over we went upstairs for the Kiddish. A Kiddish is the blessing over wine and challa (braided bread) and a meal.
The Rabbi of the temple talked about Dad as did the step-father of the girl mentioned at the beginning of the post, who we've known some time now. The Rabbi is such a sweet man and he never makes me feel bad about not being religious. Then some other temple members said some words about dad. It was lovely. Something was wrong though, a black cloud was hanging in the air. Why? My brother never showed up. We told him about it but he didn't come. Mom was super angry and hurt so when we got home I called him. Adam doesn't like that temple and he "forgot". I've been getting along with Adam so I was able to talk civilly to him about this. I don't particularly like the temple either, or at least I didn't, I have no issues with it now. I didn't want to go. Know what though? I did. It's the least I can do for my father. I go to temple a handful of times a year. This Kiddish was in my father's honour, I had an obligation as his daughter to go, and I did! It was 2 hours out of my life. Adam could have gone. My mother is still extremely pissed at him. I'm sure she'll forgive him but her mind frame right now is that she has no son. Yes, extreme and over the top but that's my mom.

After all that was over I drove home with Mom. I googled how to get to Whimsic Alley and checked out public parking lots in Santa Monica. Then I realized I needed to go to the bank and had 15 minutes to get there. I dash out the door and rush to the bank (without speeding, lol). After giong to the bank, I go home and print my stuff out. Then I realize I need to leave, so I head out *again*. The I-10 was basically deserted so it was smooth sailing to Santa Monica. I got to all the parking lots but it's a 3 huor max parking which wasn't enough! So I drive to the public parking lot for the 5th Street Promenade area and my luck improves, for a I find a space! Parking wasn't cheap but at least I had enough hours! From there I take the bus to Whimsic Alley for a smashing good time! I saw The Remus Lupins, The Whomping Willows, Catch Love, and Justin Finch-Flechly. So amazing! I've seen The Remus Lupins so I knew they'd be good! I was really looking forward to seeing The Whomping Willows, weee!!!
After that I headed home...or tried to. I accidentally made a wrong turn and let me tell you, when I make one wrong turn I get frazzled and flustered! I can barely see street signs so unless I'm really comfortable with the area, I have to rely on the signs. So I was driving around, grumpy as hell for not being able to find a recognizable street. I ended up from Santa Monica to Beverly Hills for some reason! Every time I spotted a recognizable street, I was already in the freaking intersection and couldn't make turns. I can't see the freaking signs! Finally, after a half hour, I recognize the area very well and get home. I know my freaking city, but when I'm driving and mess up at all, I'm prone to messing up more and being all turned around! Bah! I need to get my eyes checked again..I probably need new prescriptions...again!!! I also need to start seriously researching GPS units. I wasn't seriously looking but I need to now.

Yesterday (Sunday) was boring and tedious. My mom went to Solvang with my aunt and was gone the whole day. I spent the day cleaning my room and chatting with imonsie. Also did a bit of studying but not much. Later I talked to Ben on the phone, which was nice since he's always so busy.
I have so much crap on my bed I won't be using it..probably won't use it tonight either! I'll be sleeping on the couch for a few days. That couch is evil, I go to it to read and end up falling asleep. It's so comfortable, at least I won't have trouble sleeping in it!

Mourner's Kaddish, it's beautiful

I love this song, it's absolutely beautiful. It's the national anthem for Israel "The Hope"'s moving.

The song Empty Chairs At Empty Tables from Les Miserables in Hebrew, sung by an amazing Israeli artist. *sigh*

I'm sick of people saying I'm not a good Jew. I try to be a good person and I think that's all that matters. I'm not religious but I'm proud to be Jewish so I hate how people (girl above for example) try to force religion on me and claim I'm not being a good Jew for not doing certain things. You can be spiritual without being religious! *huffs*

hehe, ok. Time to sleep...hopefully!
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