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Childhood memories

Bwahahaha xD Favorite character!

Best Count skit ever!!! LMAO! Poor Kermit :)

This one too, for some reason it won't embed

Brings back memories!

I was such a huge Chipmunk fan! I was so excited about the movie lacked the heart. The day this show comes out on DVD is the day I do cartwheels :)

One of the best animated movies ever! One of the best movie songs ever! Is it terribly sad that I bought the soundtrack and listen to it quite a bit? I also got the movie :D :D :D *sings along*

I miss old school Nick :\


Yay! :)

Hahaha, I had a crush on Ted and Buddy...and I still remember all the lyrics! :O

One of the best shows ever. I had a crush on Sam ;)

This one basically sums up my feelings right now.

I better stop or I'll just keep going! :)

Don't mind the whacked out html towards the end, it doesn't screw up the post that much :)

It's been five years yesterday (Tuesday) since my dad died so I'll probably to a post about him later today.
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