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Looking for the silver lining

Lately, my posts have been negative so this post I am going to try to focus on the positive.

This March I'm going back to Arizona. Mom's coming with me but we get along nicely when we're on vacation, like we used to be. It'll be nice to get along for a few days. We're staying at one of the timeshare's resorts in Northeast Arizona. imonsie and her hubby might join us since it's a two bedroom. Hopefully they can but it isn't set in stone. I want to go back to the Canyon, the southeast or northeast rim this time. I'm also planning on going to Meteor Crater and Painted Desert and possibly the Petrified Forest, lovely! It'll be bittersweet though since I won't be staying, I want to move to Arizona in the worst way. One day in the not so distant future I hope :)
We're going the 21st and we're coming back the 26. On the 27th the unveiling of my grandmother's tomb will happen and my family from Oregon will be in. That will also be very bittersweet since they are staying only one day, going to Mexico on the 28th. After the unveiling we'll all have brunch and I'll try to get in as much quality time with Ben as a I can. I am so freaking proud of that boy, I just found out today that 17 college universities across the country contacted him because of his pre-SAT scores. While down here they are going to look at UCLA and he has an appointment with Cal-Tech, one of the colleges that contacted him. Cal-Tech is freaking hard to get into so for them to contact him...that says something. That boy is going to far, I'm so happy for him. I hope he gets into a college here. Even if I'm living in Arizona (or another state), I'd visit as much as I can. Not just for Ben but also for Andrew.

This winter I'm going to NYC. I'm saving for it, putting in a little at a time. Hopefully everything will work out nicely for that. Also this winter, I'm goint to Israel. I'm going to go through Birthright Israel which provides a free trip for Jews from 18 to 26. I'm excited for that! From there I am either going to go to Egypt or Italy and Greece (well, try both countries, haha). It'll be much cheaper if I fly from Israel then if I fly from here and since the Israel trip is free, I would only have to worry about that other half of the trip. Originally I planned to go to the UK after Israel but I want to take in a 2 week trip to the UK and wouldn't be able to do that this winter. I will go to the UK one day, just not at this moment in my life.

I've been doing some volunteering, cleaning the beaches and parks. I'm trying to look into other volunteer opportunities. Since I want to move fairly soon, I'm going to start going through my stuff. I have so much crap and I really need to get rid of a lot of it! I'll donate and sell :)

I'm getting pretty good grades in my classes and there's nice people in them who are interested in the subjects. Next week I'm going to Whimsic Alley for a concert, I'm going to see The Remus Lupins, the Whomping Willows, and the Justin Finch Flechleys. Never heard the last one but I adore the first two groups. I saw The Remus Lupins at the release party for Deathly Hallows, it'll be great seeing them again!

Hollywood Bowl season is coming up, I gotta look into shows.

I have this irrational wariness of looking at photos of The Ring girl (Samara). I don't know why, horror and psychological thrillers do not scare me. The Ring scared me the first time I saw it though, and I still get twitchy when seeing it. For some reason though, looking at photos of that girl really get to me. I was just looking now and I kept glancing out the window, I really don't understand what's up with that. I used to know the brunette. She went to my school. We got along alright :)
My heart lurched when I saw that photo, I am not clicking on it again. No no no no! I really have no clue why I have this irrational...okay fine, I suppose fear of this girl. *SHUDDDDDDER*
This gives me lolz though. It's so true, I'd wake the dead with my scream if that were me!
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