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Yay, icon meme thingie

I'm awake! Know what that means? Survey\meme post! This one's interesting, it's an icon one so I'll have a good time! Maybe I can fall asleep soon, my cat looks warm and fuzzy.

What kind of account do you have (Basic, Plus, Paid, etc)?
Paid account since 2003!

That gives you how much icon space?

Are you happy with this amount, or do you want more?
Lol, it's hard enough using all that I have!

And how many icons do you currently have?
120! xD

I have 120 icons, so some might not be mentioned here. There's just so many!
Default icon:

Funniest icon(s):

Saddest icon(s):
I don't consider rain to be depressing but this icon is usually used for sad posts.
Poor Scully <3

Happiest icon(s):
Eee, look at the wee little munchkin!
If I were to adopt a dalmatian, his name would be Pongo.

Angriest icon(s):

Dan being sexy there is wrong on so many levels :)

Oldest icon:
I've used it for years, retired it, and then brought it back.
I've used it for years, retired it, and then brought it back.
The icon that's the oldest without being removed temporarily :P

Newest icon(s):

and my default :)

Currently most-used icon: That one's hard! Possibly this one just for the sheer number of Dan posts on danrad_daily and comments with Danrad girls like pansylove :)

(For these sections, try to use icons you haven't posted yet, if possible.)

Post any animated icons you may have: I've got so many, I'm not doing them all!

Yay, Monty Python weather!

Post any stock icons: Are those photos of just...stuff? Heh
Is this considered stock?

Post any text-only icons:

Post any icons of couples/pairings or sex-related icons:
Rove wishes ;)

My little boy toy
Harry\Hermione forever
Pretty Draco & Chimney Sweep Harry! <3 that hair

This is my love icon!

Post any icons that contain curse words:

I've got a STFU Albus icon that I need to put into use again :)

Post any music-related (bands, musicians, instruments, etc) icons:

The Chipmunks and Chipettes!

Haha, horns!

Post any icons from tv shows: Got a lot, I'll post one from each show I have.

Post any icons from movies: Oy vey! See above!

Philosopher's Stone
Prisoner of Azkaban
Order of the Phoenix

Atlantis!!! <3333
Gandalf is old and sage



Post any icons of celebs you have: *rofl* Why!? Too many!!! @__@
Oh Mr. Isaacs, only you can make a Paris Hilton wig look sexy
Indeed I am Mrs. Rowling
I <3 Maggie Smith

+so many others of Dan

How many icons of men/boys do you have?:
Too many to count, at least 20. Probably more

Not nearly as many ;)

Men and women together?
*SIGH* This meme is getting tedious. I think 5

How do you credit the icon-maker?
& copy and the lj tag for the user name :) I'll probably delete that and just put their username :P

How do you organize (keywords) your icons?
I tag them by what they are. For the ice, forest, Grand Canyon I'll go 'nature--whatever it is', for icons of Harry (not Potter fandom in general) I'll go 'Harry-Quidditch1'. I'm pretty anal.

Do you ever make your own icons?
Yes but they usually suck :D

Do you have more texless icons or icons with text?
A little more with text I think

Lastly, post the icons (if any) you haven't already:
There's plenty I didn't mention, but I'm tired so I'll do just one!
The Dark Lord of the Dance! :D
Tags: icons, meme
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