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Dear World

Dear Random People,

Stp talkin lik this. it maks me vry angry!!! @___@

Bleeding Eyes

PS-I'm not a grammar or spelling Nazi but seriously, that type of talk really angers me.

Dear Mom,

Leave me alone. Stop telling me to grow up and then turn around and treat me like I'm 10. Stop telling me that I'm an immature child when I get excited over HBP movie news, it's not like I'm the only person my age that does! Stop putting me down and stop telling me that I'll gain any weight I lose. Stop putting me in the middle of your battle with Adam, I am the sister and daughter and should not take sides. Stop taking your anger and depression out on me. Stop calling me a fat bitch, selfish bitch, and lazy bitch. Frankly it hurts me, you are my mother.
Just stop.

Your daughter who you are slowly tearing down

Dear Adam,

Thank you for supporting me but please stop putting me in the middle of your battle with mom. You say you're over the argument but if you were, then you would invite mom over to see Andrew. You know mom's stubborn and won't come over to see the baby unless you invite her. She's being selfish but she's stubborn. Just invite her, let Andrew see his grandmom. I appreciate you helping me find a job and offering to co-sign if I need it when I find a place to live. We may not get along all the time but right now you are more supportive then my mother.

Your Sister

Dear Andrew,

You kick ass.

Your Aunt

Dear Spencer,

Stop waking me at 6 in the morning to be let out of my room. You know I actually get to sleep around 5, so I don't appreciate you waking me up a hour later. Also, stop being so pissy. Just because I change positions in bed is no reason for you to get angry and stop being cuddly.

Your tired mum

Dear Neville,

Stop running from me. You used to love me but now you run from me. Oh sure, you let me scratch your head sometimes but we all know you'd rather be mom's cat. I'm not taking you when I move most likely, you don't like me and I know you'd rather be with mom. You're cute and you're soft though.

Your backseat mum

Dear Heidi,

Stop begging at the table!!! Every single day we go through this! You beg I yell, you lay down and look at me like I beat you. Every day! Stop! It's not cute, it's annoying! Stop looking at me like I kicked you, I have never!

Your frustrated stepmom

Dear Monsie,

I love you! You are strong and you will get through this and I will cheer you on all the way.


Dear West Los Angeles College,

Finish construction already! There's only two parking lots and it's hard to find a spot! I have to walk from the bottom of the hill to the top of the hill to get to classes and frankly, I'm sick of it. Finish construction so I can park in Lot 8 again! Also, to the bookstore: I HATE YOUR PRICES. Ahem.

Your disgruntled student

Dear Self,

Stop being so lazy and stop eating so much. Go out and get exercise, stop being so worthless.


Dear LJ Friends,

I love you all!

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