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Baby Animal Post Of DOOM

This post is sure to cause heart palpitations, squeaks of glee, and muscle spasms of joy

Obviously not babies, but they are adorable!

Lots and lots and lots of photos!

Not a baby but...eyes! :D

Again...not a baby. Not all on this post are babies!

This owl will kick your arse

Yay! Ickle baby Harry!

Baby hippos are cute. The end

So are adults

Tapirs are amazing

Fuzzy pajamas!

Classic baby tapir photo!

I always think the hair that baby elephants have make them look like the extinct mastodons.

This baby rhino reminds me of my dog Heidi :P

This baby is on a mission. God speed little rhino!

I have a soft spot for any form of cats (mountain lion!)

Who here has seen Benji? I love the movie with Benji and the baby mountain lions :D :D :D

White lions are gorgeous


It's time for the open kitty mouth pictures!

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