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Movie quote meme thingie!

Ganked from bageldelight

I know some of you will know some of these, I'll be very disappointed if not ;)

Movie quotes, guess the quotes! I'll try not to make it too easy. This meme calls for 10 usually, I increased it because I'm bored.

1. We was always taking long walks, and we was always looking for a guy named "Charlie".
2. They say that the history of the west was written from the saddle of a horse, but it's never been told from the heart of one.
3. And I will get him back even as he gloats in the mean time I'll practice on less honorable throats.
4. It's a global conspiracy, actually, with key players in the highest levels of power, that reaches down into the lives of every man, woman,and child on this planet.
5. I hope they have pudding.
6. As long as I stay, I'm endangering the group and our mission. I have to face him.
7. Hear me now! This place is cursed, damned, and yes your master is the devil! Get out while you can! You are all free men!
8. Give me back my friend, you big sphincter!
9. Sir, I'm the president of the electronics club, the mathematics club, and the chess club. If there is a bigger nerd in here, please point him out.
10. That's not my father, that's just my reflection.
11. They mostly come at night, mostly.
12. Anybody hear that? It's an... It's an impact tremor, that's what it is... I'm fairly alarmed here.
13. I will not be dictated to, I will not be threatened. I am the morning and evening star, I am Pharaoh!
14. It's just a book. No harm ever came from reading a book.
15. A fight to the death, mano a mano, man to man, just you and me and my *guards*!

This icon is too cute to be legal!
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