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NYC and Equus

I'm so disappointed. I wanted to get a room in NYC through my timeshare, it would save me hundreds of dollars! I asked for availability from October to the end of January, nothing! I could give them money up front so if somebody cancels they give it to me. That's great but I don't have the money right now, maybe at the end of the week. I'm so upset, it would have been $200 for the whole trip instead of the normal $300 (minimum) per night. They have something on Long Island but I really need to be on Manhattan. So later this week I'll give that deposit in case anybody cancels. In the meantime I'm going to look for super cheap hotel rooms with the bathroom in the room! When I went with lesleycullen, there were two bathrooms on that floor and everybody had to share it. If it were just me I'd do it but I want to travel with imonsie or, if not her, one of you lovely Danrad girls. I talked to my mom and she might go with me, like a two bedroom or something and she'd have her own room. That would help with the hotel, since she'd pay for some of it. I hope that doesn't happen though, lol :)
I just talked to imonsie, she isn't against going with another person. So now I'm activally asking; any of you Danrad girls plan on going to NYC for Equus? I'm trying to go in November but anytime it's open is alright. We can share a two room thing to save money, or even one room with two beds and a pull out bed...
Gah, I hope I can get one through my timeshare, that would save so much!
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