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What the frick!?

Okay, I know some people don't vote. I personally don't like that fact but I do respect it. However, some people have the most inane reasons for not voting! It's one thing to say "I don't like to be involved in politics" or even "this country blows, I'm not getting involved" but it's another thing to say what a family friend said! She just turned 18 in November and registered at the pushing of her father. She won't vote though. Why? "When my grandma dies I'll be well off so I don't need to vote."
BUH!? I basically made that noise so she further said "Why should I vote? I'll be fairly rich and all those bills in the ballet go towards poor and lazy people, oh and Indians." @____@
Okay, first off, I hate the term 'Indian' for Native Americans. If somebody is an Indian, they are from India! Second of all, how fucking selfish can you be to say something like that? If you don't want to vote then don't but don't justify yourself but saying that voting is beneath you!These measures are here to help the people, help the environment, and help our state! She's such a materialistic person but I didn't think she'd be that freaking bad! I have a wonderful friend who is getting jerked around by the government and it's people like this family friend (let's call her R) who make these things worse!

I know I'm more involved then some people, I grew up in a very political house, my father wrote some of the city's ethics laws and he knows some politicians. Our family knows California Representative Henry Waxman and my dad's former boss was former Mayor James Hahn, so I grew up with this. Heck, mom and I are going to try to get to DC in time to see Congress still in session! So yes, I am pretty political but I do understand some people are not and choose to not vote. I don't like it but I can't change your mind and you have the right to choose not to be involve. The girl the girl above however, I have no respect for now, she's a selfish little girl.

School later today, Math and English. Ew, math.
Tags: politics, stupid people

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