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Would you care for a Lemondrop?

Did John Edwards ever say who he supports in the presidential campaign?

I think after doing some more research I will be voting for Clinton in tomorrow's primaries. I'm still disappointed that Edwards stepped down (gracefully I might add) but she was my second choice. After hearing that nearly all of the Kennedy's endorsed Obama, I did some more research on him. After doing so, I was still wary of him so my decision with Clinton stays.

Oy vey! I guess I'm voting for Obama after beethatbumbles's comment. I knew all of this but didn't pile all those facts together to come to the conclusion that McCain would be more likely then Clinton. Plus I just found out that Clinton has some slight anti-semitic tendencies. No thanks! So, Obama. Rather have him then McCain...
Mom thinks I should still vote for Edwards since if he gets enough votes he can be the kingmaker. I really don't want to waste my vote. Darn it, I wish he stayed in the race! Bah humbug!

Y\N? xD
If you're unsure about Gore then please remember that he rode the mighty Moon Worm :D
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