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Taking a page from imonsie's book, I'm going to post a few photos at a time of Arizona trip. This way it'll last longer and I can actually share some photos! I still have to finish my Arizona trip photos so this way, you can see some and not wait on my lazy arse ;D

The Grand Canyon was a beautiful experience. We got into the park and we were immediately looking for the Canyon. I finally spotted it through some trees and pointed it out to imonsie. She started to scream in joy while I tried holding in my shrieks, wouldn't want to deafen her poor husband now, would I? Holding in my joyous shrieks gave me a pretty bad headache though. I say, if you need to yell in joy, DO IT! Otherwise you're head will explode :)
It was very cold at the Canyon, but I didn't wear gloves due to the fact that it's hard to take photos with them. I did bundle up in a jacket, scarf, and hat though. After enjoying the Canyon we headed back to Phoenix. At one point we had to get gas, so we stopped about 30 minutes from the Canyon. The pump was very slow and the handle didn't have a rubber coating. So I was standing there for about 5 or so minutes with no gloves holding this metal pump in single digit degrees. My hands hurt by the time I got back in the car.

I miss it, I miss the stark beauty that is Arizona. I also miss imonsie, I'd love to do something like this again.

I've never seen anything like the Canyon.

Arizona is such a colorful state.

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