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An update!

The last week has been busy but boring. I've been going to my mom's work with her to pick up some extra cash. At the same time, I've increased my job search, making my search radius wider. I'm now looking for places in the valley and along the coastline, I'm fairly desperate for money. I need to move out of here, I love my mom but I can't continue to live with her. I'm nearly 25 years old and frankly, living with my mom makes me feel like a loser. I could possibly afford to live on my own with the monthly checks I get from property investments my grandparents set up. It would be a very slim chance though since the minimal cost of living for a one bedroom apartment anywhere in this area is $800 and I'd also need money for other necessities; car bills, food, cat food, utilities, and anything else (internet bill!!!). I'd have to save my checks for quite some time to even think about moving out without a job and I use that money for my expenses (cell phone, internet, cat food, vet bills, car payments). No, what I need is a job. I'm so desperate at this point that I've been looking for jobs in the food industry (restaurants\fastfood). I really don't want to work in that environment though but if I were to get a job offer from one, I would take it in a heartbeat until I find another job.

I've also gained all the weight I lost, plus some extra pounds. This is not helping my self worth which is very small to begin with. I'm seriously considering Lap-Band surgery though the thought of it scares me. Speaking of surgery, I might need to seriously get over my fear and look into Lasek since my eyesight is getting worse. It's gotten to the point where I'm in the intersection before I can see a street sign (it used to be, I had a 5 foot from the intersection visibility). Right now I've pushed back NYC traveling savings so I can save for a GPS. I'm not going to rely on it for day to day driving since I use landmarks to help me find my way. For new places though or errands to a place I'm not familiar with, well I'll use it. Plus any road trips I go on!

Speaking of NYC, that is still a go. I'm looking into getting a room or suite with the timeshare my family is apart of. If I can book it in time I'd only have to pay $150-$200 for a whole week, that's simply amazing! I also think the hotel is close to the Theatre District which is a big plus since I'll be taking in shows other then Equus when I'm there. I'd like to go with my best friend but I need a back up plan in case that falls through. So I'm asking any of my Dan fans now, what are your plans for Equus? I'm going in January, between the semesters and I'll be staying a few days. If the traveling plans with my best friend fall through (hope not, ack) then I can share a room with somebody, or, if it's a suite, possibly two people. I'm going to try to get the room booked by June at the latest.

Also, Washington DC is a go. Mom and I will definetly be going there this summer, probably in June when Congress is still in session. Why then? Well it's after the semester ends and we want to see Congress in session. I'd also love to go there for Independence Day but it's either that or see Congress and frankly, that's hard since I've been raised in a political household. We plan on going to all the Smithsonian museums, various memorials and monuments, take a tour of the FBI, and the US Capital Building. We've done a lot of this the last time I was there (1997) but I'll appreciate it even more! I also want to stand outside the White House gates and glare at it..or if there's a protest, join it! Hopefully it'll be for a cause I'm a part of, hehe. I also want to see cartoondoggy and any other DC\Virginia\Maryland area peeps. Oh, another place we are going to (again) is the Holocaust Museum. I tell you, I'm not looking for to that, but that's natural. It's a place to visit though, and going through the train car makes me cry. The air is so heavy in that car and I feel presences there, it's a soul sucking despair...*shudder*
I'm so excited for DC! Maybe we can also do Boston and Cape Cod (see second cousins!), that'll be nice to do again.

I've signed up for classes but I'm too lazy to look them up right now. I'm looking into volunteer groups and political rallies to join. It would be nice to help out again, I feel like I'm actually doing something for the world and I'm meeting interesting people.

It's been raining basically the whole week here with small thundershowers and hail in parts of the valley (Reseda and Woodland Hills got tons of hail). It'll be nice to see the city once the storm system leaves (early this week I think). It'll be lovely to go to the Culver City hill and take photos or maybe go to another area and take photos of Downtown, which should be absolutely lovely now that the city is cleaned up.

I got a text from Ben who said that it dumped 5 inches in Eugene, OR and the city was basically shut down. I've since learned that Seattle, which really doesn't get snow, also got 5 inches as well as other parts of the Pacific Northwest. Ben promised to take photos and send them to me, I'm really looking forward to those! Speaking of snow, it'll be interesting when I'm in NYC since it'll still be the winter and judging from this season, I'll be a Jewsicle by the time I leave! Keywords: thermal undies.

My computer is working a bit better but it's not perfect. It's working well enough to upload photos so I've been working on the rest of my AZ photos and some shots of the cats. Hopefully I'll get them up this week!

Some memes (I hate that word) to come later!

I haven't used this icon in nearly two years! Ah, memories :)
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