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News Articles

Photos of the Grand Canyon to come later (tomorrow maybe) but for now, some news articles!

Everest Climber Hillary Laid To Rest

Obama and Clinton Clash In Debate
My man Edwards doesn't' really make headlines :P

'Safe' Ebola Created For Research
Safe Ebola? I've been interested in the Ebola virus since I was a kid and I've been reading articles on it for a decade now so I find this very interesting...but I'm also wary of it.

White Separatists Protest In Jena, LA

Canadian man survives 96 hours in wilderness by eating raw meat
You gotta do what you gotta do

Obama calls Bill Clinton untruthful
I really don't like Obama, there are so many things about him that send up red flags

5 dead as planes collide in SoCal
How sad

Renault to develop electric cars for Israel

Sweden to study belching cows
The headline makes me laugh

Environmentalists fall out over anti-whaling tactics

A dog tossed over MA overpass euthanized
This is heartbreaking

Six more genes linked with autoimmune disease Lupus
My dad had Lupus

Scientists discover giant rodent fossil
Lol, giant bruxing machine! :D
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