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Arizona Photo Post 1!

It's too late (or too early if you want to look at it another way) to write about my entire vacation so I'll just write about my vacation up to these photos. When I post the Canyon photos, I'll talk about the Canyon and the rest of my vacation.
Anyway, I finally really started working on the photos! I downloaded Paint Shop Pro X trial and since I love it so much, I really started to work on the pictures. I try not to alter the photos to the point that they don't look real. That's normal though I assume. I basically just photoshop it enough to bring out the true colors of the photos. Since we were in Sedona (and the Canyon) in the afternoon, there was haze and such. Taking photos earlier in the day (the morning) produce clearer photos since the air is cleaner. We couldn't be there in the morning though, so I just put the photos through photoshop to take out the haze and dullness that the haze creates and I try to bring out the colors of the rock that we saw with our eyes.
That was a load of waffle wasn't it? I'll shut up about that now!
So I flew to Phoenix on December 30th, took some photos from the flight that I will post here. I landed in Phoenix and Monsie and her hubby (Justin) picked me up. Yay Monsie! We drive to the hotel and I'm popping over all the cacti because I'm just that lame. We go to the hotel to check in and after dropping my stuff in the room (small, but there's a kitchenette!), we head over to their place. I got to see her two doggies who I missed and I met her ferrets (my desire for ferrets increased, lol). We played some Simpsons Road Rage for a few hours and I met their friend who came by. After that they took me back to my hotel (8:30-9ish). I watch a little bit of tv and then go to sleep.

I get up early the next morning and they pick me up. We go to the car rental place (Enterprise) and there's issues getting the car. I have the money in the bank but they didn't release all of it, so I have to call my mom (8am her time) and plead with her to go to the bank to put some money into my account (paid her back). After bitching at me about that she does. While we wait we go across the ways to Sonic to get breakfast. We dont' have Sonic here, I think we have them a hour away but I know of none actually near me. I am introduce to a heavenly drink they call a berry smoothie. I've had berry smoothies at other places but there's something about there...I kept making little noises of pleasure at every sip. We go back to Enterprise and it goes smoothly. I'm incredibly bummed out that the SUV we rented, which was a 2008 Kia, hod no MP3 hookup. It didn't have a cassette deck either so that ruled out the cassette cord MP3 thing I have. I was so disgruntled, no music from my iPod for the road trip! Lame!

We get on the road and I'm still popping over the saguaro cacti I see. A few hours later we reach Sedona and I'm the first to spot what they are famous for: red rock formations! I point it out to Monsie and we proceed to squeal and pop. We get out and take some photos before getting back in to head to the Canyon. I got myself a little something to remember Sedona by, a red rock! :D

Warning: some photos may be large.

I have more Sedona photos I have to upload but these are the ones I got up so far.

Desert mountains. From the plane obviously.

Lots of digital camera noise and taking the noise away makes the photo look really fake. My defense: I was thousands of feet up! Well, not as high as if I were going cross country, but pretty damn high! :P


A lonely rock formation

Saguaro cacti!!! Taken from the car, off the side of the highway. They are so beautiful.

Yay, cacti!

My first view of what Sedona is famous for. I pointed it out to Monsie and we preceeded to pop and squeal over the beauty.

I think it's a plateau!

A mesa!

Taken from the car. This photo reminds me of that fortress from Two Towers and Return of the King (LotR).

Another fortress photo

Again, taken from the car. Red sand!!! *is a geology nerd*

Kinda looks like a huge termite mound!

Beautiful red rock cliffs

Bikers along a path.


Well, that's the last of my first Arizona post. My other one, with Grand Canyon photos, to come soon.

I might be an aunt today. Elena's water broke yesterday afternoon. The doctors thought she was a month early but the baby appears to be fully developed (hopefully his lungs are). She was in very mild labor so it wasn't going to happen last night and we would have gotten a call if something started to happen. So the baby will probably be born sometime today or tonight. I'm conflicted...heh
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