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~Wanted to work on photos earlier so I could get some up tonight. Doesn't look like that'll happen since we had a power outage for a few hours.
~Hopefully I'll have a few photos up either before I go to bed or tomorrow night when I get home.
~Going to baby shower for my future nephew
~I basically got the kid books. I Love You Forever, Clifford, Goodnight Moon, The Giving Tree, a touch animal book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, Fox In Socks, Corduroy...:D
~I'm looking for a children's book that I can't remember the name of. I read it when I was a's about this boy that travels to parts of the world on his bed and these places are effected by our treatment on the Earth. One part sticks out in my mind where he travels to this smog filled place and the thing (can't remember what it was) that travels with him tells him it's the Grand Canyon..but you can't see it! Really made an impact on me. So did The Great Kapok Tree
~Arizona was fun...major post\s on that to come later on.
~I have added Arizona as a state I'd be happy to live in ;p
~RAIN!!! We got three storms systems, it has been pouring. I love it! On the bad side of this, the areas that got burned are in danger. Sandbags and barriers were placed. Ventura County might get mudslides, they usually do. I'll have to keep an ear out for anything.
~I got a Best Buy gift card (belated holiday gift) and used it to get Sim City 4 (never got it because of used to be close to $40!), and Home Improvement season 1 and 2. Remember when JTT graced all the girly magazines? I think all my girlfriends had massive crushes on him. I remember my own crush on him, he covered every inch of my did a few others, hee!
~I'm still going nuts over trying to remember that freaking book! ROAR!

Remember him? He was so adorable as a kid.

He got handsome, haha. Not the most recent photo of him but I can't find any!

Thus ends my silly nostalgia :)

No words can give the Canyon justice. Just a little preview of the photos I'll post...eventually, ;p
Tags: books, childhood, knowledge is power!, my photos, nephew, weather
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