Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Happy New Year!

Quick update.

I arrived in Arizona safely, by the time they started serving drinks they started to land; hour flight.
Went to Monsie's for a few hours and played Simpsons' Road Rage. Met her ferrets...*flails*

Yesterday we went to Sedona and the Grand Canyon, words can't describe the beauty. I haven't been there since I was a toddler so it was basically like I've never been there at all! Again...words fail to describe's like a painting! We stayed there for a bit and headed back to Phoenix. We stopped for a gas a half hour after leaving and it was freezing...really cold plus cooold winds! The pump was really slow and I had no gloves on and the pump was metal so after pumping the gas my hands were wrinkled and frozen, they hurt! We got back to Phoenix and after stopping by their place I headed to my hotel in the rental. Her husband gave me good directions but I totally fail so I got lost for about 40 minutes. Finally got back to the hotel and watched Myth Busters and a show focusing on Britney's whackiness (nothing else was on) before turning to Fox to bring in the New Year. After that I watched various stuff until Jay and Conan (I died of laughing).

Now I'm back at Monsie's, movie and game day!

Lots of photos when I get home! So how is everybody?

PS--I'm just a frog on a log
Tags: arizona vacation, driving, i fail, monsie, mother nature's beauty, new years
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