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This is just beyond terrible

Diplomat returns adopted daughter when wife has two children biologically
How can you raise a child for seven years and then just give it back like it was yesterday's garbage? I can't just comprehend how somebody can do this to a child (to anything!). They adopted the girl as a baby and gave her back seven years later because they had biological kids!? GAH! I'm adopted and I couldn't think of my reaction if my mom and dad gave me up if they had a kid naturally. It's a lose lose situation. They could keep the girl but they obviously didn't love her, so she would grow up in a loveless environment. Or, they give her back so the girl might have a terrible sense of self worth..
I hope that poor girl finds a loving famiy.

I realize I don't know the whole situation, only the family does, but from what it seems
Tags: news articles, stupid people
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