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So, there's a sneak piece of that kiss online now? I've been seeing some icons. Excuse me while I don't jump for joy xD
I'm not really a H\G hater, I read some and I knew from CoS they would be together but my het OTP will always be H\Hr. Me personally, I can't wait until the H\Hr kiss in DH. Yeah it's Ron being all wooby but it'll be the only kiss I get with those two so...not to mention the part right before that where Ron saves Nearly Naked & Wet Harry @_@
Plus that scene kicks ass! I'm looking forward to the last two movies so much...yet I dread them. Once DH hits theaters, it's over :(
*brings out the tiny violin*

WIND! Crazy winds, dangerous winds in some areas. Right where I am there are heavy gusts. A tree down the block fell :X
Tags: fandom snark, hbp movie, weather
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