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A list post

~Sweeney Todd!!! Go see it! I am so happy with it, they did not butcher the musical! Movie is absolutely brilliant
~Karen Allen is in the upcoming Indiana Jones! Indy is so old looking but they're bringing back Marion! I'm not as wary as this movie. It better be good, it's Indy!
~Sweeney Todd!!!
~A book I read this summer has been made into a movie, being released next year; The Ruins
~OMG, Mama Mia!!! Pierce Brosnan is in it!? *flails*
~Saw The Chipmunks last week. While I don't think it butchers them, I'll stick to old school Chipmunks (80s and 60s). The new Christmas song is rockin' though :D
~Going to Arizona in five days!! So excited! We're going to go to the Grand Canyon and hopefully Sedona...and there's Dunkin' Donuts in Phoenix! I miss DD, yum!
~Johnny Depp continues to make me drool. His walk...he has this way of walking that makes me go nuts.
~Three more months until season premiere of South Park's 12 season
~After watching various new episodes of The Simpsons, I can say that I dont' really like Homer anymore but I am happy that I stuck with the Bartman, he's been my favorite forever and ever and I'm happy I stuck with that. He's gaining empathy and morals while Homer loses them... (I haven't watched Simpsons on tv since season 15, so I had a lot of catching up to do). Mr Burns continues to make me lolz
~Horton Hears A Hoo is a movie now, being released next year
~When leaving the theater my mom said "that was very bloody". Really?! I never would have thought that movie would have been bloody. She's seen the musical (as have I, bwahaha) so I figured she'd know...her comment made me laugh
~I've been craving donuts the past week and it's driving me mad
~I found out that my cousins will only be here 3 days during Spring Break, then they're going down to Mexico. I'm happy for them, sad for me ;P
~My desk chair broke, it's obnoxious.
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