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A real post...and the rest of my Tahoe photos!

Gee, where do I even start? I actually don't think I have a lot to update about, sadly enough my life is pretty dull. Last week I drove up into the mountains to see the meteor shower. I was about 4,000 feet up I think. The view of the L.A. basin was breathtaking and it was clear and dark up there. There were other people up there, sharing the beauty and joy. I think I'll go up there again soon and take pictures of the city. I might even go all the way to the skiing areas, it's not that far! I love Los Angeles for that, you can get snow and beach in the same day! At the same time, as much as I love this city, when I move I want to move out of this entire area. I grew up here and a part of my heart will always be with the City of Angels but I want a fresh start with fresh surroundings. I feel like I'm being smothered by the sheer enormity that is Los Angeles, the traffic, the smog (though it's been so much better lately), and the lack of nature. Yes, I could go to the mountains, Angeles National Forest, or the beach but there's something wrong with that. A lot of local beaches are over crowded and dirty, some are nice but most are not. With the Forest, I love it but it's always over crowded with other people like me who want to escape the urban sprawl. Same with the mountains, it's basically Los Angeles's snow area and there are so many people there all the time; yuppies, annoying teens, arrogant adults, etc etc. Gee, this makes it seem I don't love my city huh? I do, I really do, I'm just tired of it; 24 years of it will do that to you. I'd love to move to Central or Northern California or even out of state. I love my state, it's beautiful and you can find nearly anything here; mountains, snow, desert, ocean, rain forest (temperate), wetlands, but I wouldn't be opposed to living out of state (or country). A piece of me will always live in Los Angeles but an even bigger piece will always be with my state.
Wow, I really rambled there. Alright anyway, I've been done with school for nearly two weeks now, I'm so relieved. I got a month reprieve from the rat race that is college! It's nice to be back in school, I feel a sense of accomplishment and I'm proud of myself for sticking to it. At this point I see myself getting an AA and going to a state college (cal-state most likely since it'll be cheaper). I might pursue anthropology since it's a passion but who knows, this spring I'm going to take an environmental science class and that's another passion. Oh, I'm so conflicted xD
I'm still looking for a job. I've stopped looking at retail becausee, frankly, I doubt I'll get hired. With retail a major factor is image and I gotta be frank, I'm a big girl. Not all places are like that but so many are. Right now I'm looking into state and city jobs and also green jobs with the help of my father's old co-worker who is a major part of the city's political backbone for the environment.

Oh, yeah, I mentioned school but forgot my grades! I got them the other day, I'm pleased:
Lib Sci--C
English 101--B-
Anthro 101 (physical, biological)--B
Anthro 102 (cultural)-A

I don't know if I ever mentioned this but a few weeks ago I went to see The Rat Pack, a show based on...yes, the Rat Pack! I tell you, it was amazing! The person who was Frank looked, sang, and acted just like Frank. Dean was more of a younger version of himself and Sammy was the least like the real one but still pretty damn good! I swear, sometimes I forgot it was a show and I thought I was watching them for real. Of course, a second later I would remember that they are all unfortunately deceased.

I'm also feeling pretty lonely. I have a few friends here in the city and I see them sometimes but not enough. It's not really for friendship that I'm aching for, I'm very happy with my online friendships since I consider a lot of you true friends, I'm lonely for a partner. I'd love to go see a meteor shower with a significant other. I could easily see it with friends or mom or cousins but it is not the same.

Alright, I suppose that's all I can think of to post. The last batch of photos are from the drive home, we've got lakes, desert, and mountain shots.
If you didn't see the previous two photo posts you can find part one here and part two here.

Some photos are large, just a warning.

Though there's no ocean photos here, sorry! ;D

Mono Lake!
This lake is so fascinating to me, it's ancient and hauntingly beautiful. We really didn't have time to explore the lake but one day (soon I hope) I'll take a day trip up there to explore it's beauty.

Elk! These guys were really far away so I think my little Canon's zoom did a decent job :)

Mammoth Mountain is just west of us in this picture. Yosemite a bit north :)

Please excuse the quality of some of these photos. They were close but not that close and the car was going around 70!


This area is cool, on the west, the Sierra Nevada mountain range, with snow on the summits. On the east, desert and then more mountains. East of those mountains? Death Valley. This was on the east, gorgeous colors!


Sun going down over the mountains. It's not at the mountain's yet but the clouds created some interesting colors.

Yay! I hope I don't take this long to upload all the Arizona photos I'll take! Oh..that reminds me, photos of Spencer and Neville to come shortly.
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